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it's happening bois!

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Yes my dudes

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The Keep it Simple Plan:

Recently, Senators LouisvilleThunder, Senator Reactionary, and myself have come up with a plan that Atlasia desperately needs. It’s to be named the “Keep it Simple Plan” because that’s exactly what it’ll do. We have many policies we would like to push forward, for our vision of a better, and more simple Atlasia.

Pass Pay-go in the Senate.
Shoot for a balanced budget amendment.
A private investigation into government wasteful spending.
A federal “” website.
Encouragement of private investment in the clean energy sector.

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There’s way more tobbe addedbbut

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What’s yalls opinions what should we keep and strike down

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well what should we feed to the game reform hawks

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I mean I wish that atlasia is more about ideology

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Yess also we should check everything we get accomplished. I can type up passing the farm bill, loosening some burdensome regulations that aren’t for keeping workers safe, etc. Perhaps a declaration addressing inactivity, and maybe an adoption encouraging bill.

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Fixing social security and taxes is easier than youd think

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yeah, we need to fix those things

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I’ll add that hold up my dudes

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What would be in the adoption bill?

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The broad strokes of my platform were

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bill of rights

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deficit reduction

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stupid regulations

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It would be stuff like what I introduced in the South. Have an ad campaign encouraging adoption instead of abortion, and outlaw partial birth abortion. It would be like getting temporary vouchers to raise a child for a time period, too. I may need to rewrite that law. But yes

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sounds good

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My 1 concern on the abortion thing is

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I think the Supreme Court