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2018-04-26 00:44:11 UTC  

good times

2018-04-26 00:44:13 UTC  

of course he prefers men

2018-04-26 00:45:00 UTC  

and the one time I tried to cause drama between him and windjammer and he said "you're a federalist, piss off"

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2018-04-26 00:46:05 UTC  

I never got to meet Blair in a chat before

2018-04-26 00:46:15 UTC  

he's slightly before my time

2018-04-26 00:46:34 UTC  

I got to deal with daddy Blair putting me in my place when little Nev would tattle on me

2018-04-26 00:46:43 UTC  


2018-04-26 00:47:01 UTC  

if I didn't do things Nev liked he'd tell Blair

2018-04-26 00:47:13 UTC  

what did you do with poor little nev

2018-04-26 00:47:38 UTC  

not sticking to the party line as southern speaker

2018-04-26 00:47:53 UTC  

and not bending the rules to do things he wanted to do

2018-04-26 00:48:27 UTC  

did he want to get his entire Blairite agenda passed in the south

2018-04-26 00:49:27 UTC  

he had certain bills he wanted pushed ahead of others

2018-04-26 00:49:44 UTC  

and pushed to have the rules changed to benefit the labor majority at the time

2018-04-26 00:50:14 UTC  

and I explained that if we passed those rules, they don't get to complain when labor loses the majority and those rules hurt them

2018-04-26 00:51:16 UTC  

@Haslam2020 are you on board? 😛

2018-04-26 00:51:23 UTC  

I know you have had some problems with me as of late

2018-04-26 00:51:28 UTC  

but you did vote for me in feb 2017 😉

2018-04-26 00:51:51 UTC  

I fought putting those rules up until Nev got other labor folks involved, and one prominent laborite at the time even called me a joke

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2018-04-26 00:53:44 UTC  

>labor majority

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2018-04-26 00:53:57 UTC  

labor was pretty stronk for a bit

2018-04-26 00:54:05 UTC  

back when they were strong in all 3 regions

2018-04-26 00:54:14 UTC  

still couldn't win federally though 🤔

2018-04-26 00:54:28 UTC  

i can definitely see that having been the case

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2018-04-26 00:54:57 UTC  

Labor did defeat Leinad for Senate in April

2018-04-26 00:55:07 UTC  

And Nev and Blair lost their shit and blamed dfw when I left Labor for the Feds

2018-04-26 00:55:08 UTC  

SJoyce did

2018-04-26 00:55:16 UTC  

which will be one year ago in 3 days

2018-04-26 00:55:27 UTC  


2018-04-26 00:56:51 UTC  

i love how pericles acted like he was the shit by "just barely" losing the prez election

2018-04-26 00:57:03 UTC  

and then manages to see fremont lose its last left wing senator

2018-04-26 00:57:25 UTC  

and blame everyone but himself

2018-04-26 00:57:26 UTC  

pericles had help from adam and others

2018-04-26 00:57:31 UTC  

in the pres election

2018-04-26 00:57:52 UTC  

I foresaw Pericles losing back in february