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2018-07-30 00:19:42 UTC  

We shouldn’t tolerate this behavior LT

2018-07-30 00:20:23 UTC  

I'm just saying if Ben is going to act like a fool in the Atlasia discord and in Atlasia, I have no problems publicly calling him out on it.

2018-07-30 00:21:19 UTC  

Censure isn’t dumb either for this sort of thing

2018-07-30 00:22:34 UTC  

he seems to forget most of Atlasia and a sizable chunk of the Federalist Party doesn't like him, if he wants to preach teamwork, he's going to have to practice what he preaches and stop acting like he's above other folks. he's doing no favors for himself by acting the way he is.

2018-07-30 00:23:23 UTC  

I’m sick of Bens attitude

2018-07-30 00:24:03 UTC  

I mean the bills he said hes voting against

2018-07-30 00:24:12 UTC  

Are not really real policy

2018-07-30 00:24:46 UTC  

But a regional name change and making drake and josh the regional anthem

2018-07-30 00:25:02 UTC  

Which is a pretty personal issue

2018-07-30 00:25:31 UTC  

How is everyone not seeing this clearly

2018-07-30 00:25:48 UTC  

regional name change is real policy, it's been discussed for quite some time.

That being said, the content of bills is not the issue, LT

2018-07-30 00:26:07 UTC  

It’s a policy, and if he can’t vote based on policy he shouldn’t be a delegate

2018-07-30 00:29:13 UTC  

Plain and simple

2018-07-30 00:29:29 UTC  

Everything introduced is policy of some sort

2018-07-30 00:29:33 UTC  

But the thing is that naming a region is very symbolic and it provides a legacy to whoever picks the name

2018-07-30 00:30:41 UTC  

So if he associates a certain name and song with you, and he has issues with you

2018-07-30 00:31:01 UTC  

Then he has no obligation to support your idea

2018-07-30 00:31:18 UTC  

He also hasn't addressed the raccoon issue at all :/

2018-07-30 00:31:19 UTC  

Since it's all just a vanity policy

2018-07-30 00:39:41 UTC  

many southerners expressed a desire to rename the region. it's an issue that's come up in the South tons of times post reset. it's not a vanity policy at all.

2018-07-30 00:40:09 UTC  

But southerners disagree on what to exactly rename it to

2018-07-30 00:40:49 UTC  

and the current discussion in the chamber has been to have the citizens vote on the version they prefer

2018-07-30 00:41:58 UTC  

And pretty much the Chamber will pick whichever name the "alpha male" gets the necessary votes for

2018-07-30 00:41:59 UTC  

even if YT hadn't introduced the bill, Ben would have tried to force through renaming it back to IDS, and been a lot less reasonable than YT on the issue

2018-07-30 00:42:17 UTC  

you don't know Ben and how he works

2018-07-30 00:43:45 UTC  

at least how it's currently planned, the southerners actually pick, not the chamber.

2018-07-30 00:44:26 UTC  

So would there be a referendum on a list of possible names?

2018-07-30 00:44:53 UTC  

And the chamber picks the list of names?

2018-07-30 00:45:58 UTC  

Ben wants to not give southerners a choice

2018-07-30 00:46:11 UTC  

He put a bill that would just need to be signed by the Governor

2018-07-30 00:46:21 UTC  

I want something that lets the people decide

2018-07-30 00:46:46 UTC  

So do you like the referendum list idea

2018-07-30 00:46:53 UTC  


2018-07-30 01:18:00 UTC  

As I've stated previously, I will not sign a bill that changes the name of the region.

2018-07-30 01:18:19 UTC  

It should be a decision made by The People, not by 7 delegates and then me.

2018-07-30 01:18:29 UTC  

100% agreed

2018-07-30 01:18:35 UTC  

Yeah it needs to be a referendum

2018-07-30 01:18:42 UTC  

With a list choice

2018-07-30 01:18:50 UTC  

We just need to get names

2018-07-30 01:19:00 UTC  

I think we can open up the floor for the people’s suggestions

2018-07-30 01:19:06 UTC  

Close it after 24 hours