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2018-07-30 04:32:32 UTC  

"Ben wants to not give southerners a choice" Look, Ahab. Can we please stop this?

2018-07-30 04:33:27 UTC  

"even if YT hadn't introduced the bill, Ben would have tried to force through renaming it back to IDS, and been a lot less reasonable than YT on the issue
you don't know Ben and how he works
at least how it's currently planned, the southerners actually pick, not the chamber"

2018-07-30 04:33:47 UTC  

well, if we're going to speculate on my motives am I at least allowed to present what I planned to do?

2018-07-30 04:34:15 UTC  

or are we just going to assume, sans proof and condemn me while we're at it?

2018-07-30 04:36:31 UTC  

my original plan was to present the IDS bill to rename the south the IDS. Beyond that was up to the delegates. The reason I wasn't happy was that as a con amendment, there were other issues that needed to be considered. Issues that have pretty much been glossed over and aren't relevant at present since we're not doing that. I don't see how that counts as 'forcing the bill through' anymore so than any other bill to the delegates.

2018-07-30 04:38:27 UTC  

"It’s a policy, and if he can’t vote based on policy he shouldn’t be a delegate" ok ahab, can you please stop with this?

2018-07-30 04:39:08 UTC  

@Deleted User just apologize and we can

2018-07-30 04:39:18 UTC  

To the southern people

2018-07-30 04:40:04 UTC  

Also dude your bill you proposed as a modification isn’t giving people a choice

2018-07-30 04:40:06 UTC

2018-07-30 04:40:23 UTC  

Considering the Governor would have to sign it and it would be a law

2018-07-30 04:40:28 UTC  

The people wouldn’t decide

2018-07-30 04:40:37 UTC  

Part 16473817263749391716 of Ben lying again

2018-07-30 04:40:53 UTC  

I've stated here that I'm fine with a ballot

2018-07-30 04:41:05 UTC  

are you going to be civil ahab?

2018-07-30 04:41:23 UTC  

But what you proposed wasn’t

2018-07-30 04:41:33 UTC  

Look I’ve got an idea I want to work on with the Speaker

2018-07-30 04:41:41 UTC  

And I think it’ll work out well

2018-07-30 04:41:46 UTC  

that's why I stated I was fine with a ballot

2018-07-30 04:42:02 UTC  

because that was the question at hand no?

2018-07-30 04:42:14 UTC  

What I want is the Speaker to open the floor up to the general

2018-07-30 04:42:18 UTC  


2018-07-30 04:42:26 UTC  

The people introduce their ideas

2018-07-30 04:42:33 UTC  

We close it after 24 hours

2018-07-30 04:42:53 UTC  

Then we pass a law allowing for a referendum to change the south’s name with a ranked choice election

2018-07-30 04:43:09 UTC  

The name that achieves 50.1% will be the new name

2018-07-30 04:43:16 UTC  

I think the three options are the majority options that have come up, Jefferson, the IDS and the South.

2018-07-30 04:43:24 UTC  

Well yeah

2018-07-30 04:43:27 UTC  

it seems to me that most people favor one of the three.

2018-07-30 04:43:43 UTC  

But it’s not democracy if we limit people’s choices now is it

2018-07-30 04:43:45 UTC  

I see no reason why a referendum between those three would be an issue

2018-07-30 04:44:07 UTC  

Which is why I want to open the floor up for public debate

2018-07-30 04:44:17 UTC  

To the general public I mean

2018-07-30 04:44:19 UTC  

we already have that in the thread that's been put up

2018-07-30 04:44:33 UTC  

there's a pretty good discussion in the thread, IMO

2018-07-30 04:44:50 UTC  

But it’s for members lol, what I’m proposing would be official

2018-07-30 04:45:10 UTC  

This way we have a clear cut way of doing things that has a specific timeline

2018-07-30 04:45:20 UTC  

And I hope Tim will agree with me on this

2018-07-30 04:45:48 UTC  

I see no need to reinvent the wheel when there's already a pretty good thread for public consultation on this issue

2018-07-30 04:46:05 UTC  

I think we can go ahead with the referendum between the three.

2018-07-30 04:46:25 UTC  

I’ll be voting no if you propose that, I think a clear time table is needed