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2018-07-30 01:50:09 UTC  

That’s not happening

2018-07-30 04:29:09 UTC  

let me catch up here.

2018-07-30 04:29:39 UTC  

There are people within the party that have explicitly requested and would prefer the IDS. It should be on the ballot, regardless as to what the others might think.

2018-07-30 04:30:34 UTC  

Personally I think a ballot with the south, jefferson and the IDS whichever gets the most should be the one used. That would be my preference if we're doing a ballot.

2018-07-30 04:32:32 UTC  

"Ben wants to not give southerners a choice" Look, Ahab. Can we please stop this?

2018-07-30 04:33:27 UTC  

"even if YT hadn't introduced the bill, Ben would have tried to force through renaming it back to IDS, and been a lot less reasonable than YT on the issue
you don't know Ben and how he works
at least how it's currently planned, the southerners actually pick, not the chamber"

2018-07-30 04:33:47 UTC  

well, if we're going to speculate on my motives am I at least allowed to present what I planned to do?

2018-07-30 04:34:15 UTC  

or are we just going to assume, sans proof and condemn me while we're at it?

2018-07-30 04:36:31 UTC  

my original plan was to present the IDS bill to rename the south the IDS. Beyond that was up to the delegates. The reason I wasn't happy was that as a con amendment, there were other issues that needed to be considered. Issues that have pretty much been glossed over and aren't relevant at present since we're not doing that. I don't see how that counts as 'forcing the bill through' anymore so than any other bill to the delegates.

2018-07-30 04:38:27 UTC  

"It’s a policy, and if he can’t vote based on policy he shouldn’t be a delegate" ok ahab, can you please stop with this?

2018-07-30 04:39:08 UTC  

@Deleted User just apologize and we can

2018-07-30 04:39:18 UTC  

To the southern people

2018-07-30 04:40:04 UTC  

Also dude your bill you proposed as a modification isn’t giving people a choice

2018-07-30 04:40:06 UTC

2018-07-30 04:40:23 UTC  

Considering the Governor would have to sign it and it would be a law

2018-07-30 04:40:28 UTC  

The people wouldn’t decide

2018-07-30 04:40:37 UTC  

Part 16473817263749391716 of Ben lying again

2018-07-30 04:40:53 UTC  

I've stated here that I'm fine with a ballot

2018-07-30 04:41:05 UTC  

are you going to be civil ahab?

2018-07-30 04:41:23 UTC  

But what you proposed wasn’t

2018-07-30 04:41:33 UTC  

Look I’ve got an idea I want to work on with the Speaker

2018-07-30 04:41:41 UTC  

And I think it’ll work out well

2018-07-30 04:41:46 UTC  

that's why I stated I was fine with a ballot

2018-07-30 04:42:02 UTC  

because that was the question at hand no?

2018-07-30 04:42:14 UTC  

What I want is the Speaker to open the floor up to the general

2018-07-30 04:42:18 UTC  


2018-07-30 04:42:26 UTC  

The people introduce their ideas

2018-07-30 04:42:33 UTC  

We close it after 24 hours

2018-07-30 04:42:53 UTC  

Then we pass a law allowing for a referendum to change the south’s name with a ranked choice election

2018-07-30 04:43:09 UTC  

The name that achieves 50.1% will be the new name

2018-07-30 04:43:16 UTC  

I think the three options are the majority options that have come up, Jefferson, the IDS and the South.

2018-07-30 04:43:24 UTC  

Well yeah

2018-07-30 04:43:27 UTC  

it seems to me that most people favor one of the three.

2018-07-30 04:43:43 UTC  

But it’s not democracy if we limit people’s choices now is it

2018-07-30 04:43:45 UTC  

I see no reason why a referendum between those three would be an issue

2018-07-30 04:44:07 UTC  

Which is why I want to open the floor up for public debate

2018-07-30 04:44:17 UTC  

To the general public I mean

2018-07-30 04:44:19 UTC  

we already have that in the thread that's been put up

2018-07-30 04:44:33 UTC  

there's a pretty good discussion in the thread, IMO

2018-07-30 04:44:50 UTC  

But it’s for members lol, what I’m proposing would be official

2018-07-30 04:45:10 UTC  

This way we have a clear cut way of doing things that has a specific timeline