Message from Spark in #FedsShallRiseAgain! #regional-legislatures

2018-07-31 05:41:39 UTC  

YT, remember when Labor tried to expel you after you joined them lol

2018-07-31 05:41:46 UTC  

lol Henry Wallave

2018-07-31 05:41:48 UTC  

But I’ve been in office a few days and now that I’m Deputy Speaker I’m not having it

2018-07-31 05:42:05 UTC  

Bad for party unity, YT has even said that it is “bogus”

2018-07-31 05:43:04 UTC  

You can never actually unify an entire group of people lol

2018-07-31 05:43:29 UTC  

Also yes @Deleted User expulsion from a party is a joke lol

2018-07-31 05:43:48 UTC  

Well you can, if it was possible to set differences aside. You’ve shown an inability to compromise with fellow Feds.

2018-07-31 05:44:01 UTC  

Because I didn’t vote for Ben for Speaker

2018-07-31 05:44:04 UTC  

Not saying what Ben did was right, but you aren’t either. Two wrongs don’t make a right

2018-07-31 05:44:14 UTC  

Because I didn’t vote for someone

2018-07-31 05:44:17 UTC  


2018-07-31 05:44:21 UTC  

I’m apparently committing an offense

2018-07-31 05:44:36 UTC  

Yeah dude it’s why you and Ben have spammed me for 3 consecutive nights

2018-07-31 05:44:37 UTC  

It’s because you came down on Ben and threatened party unity

2018-07-31 05:44:48 UTC  


2018-07-31 05:44:49 UTC  


2018-07-31 05:44:52 UTC  

How are socons supposed to feel now

2018-07-31 05:45:00 UTC  

It’s not a “big tent party” any longer

2018-07-31 05:45:01 UTC  

I respect SoCons lol

2018-07-31 05:45:05 UTC  

Well good

2018-07-31 05:45:21 UTC  

Hopefully that perception that you have can overshadow what you’ve done to Ben

2018-07-31 05:45:34 UTC  

Actions speak louder than words. I will need to have this motion

2018-07-31 05:45:53 UTC  

well, expelling someone from a party

2018-07-31 05:46:02 UTC  

cant work no matter what

2018-07-31 05:46:05 UTC  

It’s just gonna divide the party

2018-07-31 05:46:12 UTC  

Which is what you accuse me of doing

2018-07-31 05:46:13 UTC  

since it's nonbinding too

2018-07-31 05:46:15 UTC  

You’ve done that already

2018-07-31 05:46:19 UTC  

Not really

2018-07-31 05:46:37 UTC  

YT you censured Ben

2018-07-31 05:46:46 UTC  

Introduced a motion to

2018-07-31 05:46:54 UTC  

Tried to

2018-07-31 05:47:00 UTC  

Still on the floor

2018-07-31 05:47:04 UTC  

So am trying to censure

2018-07-31 05:47:10 UTC  

Well you know I’m not going to move it

2018-07-31 05:47:25 UTC  

Why’s that?

2018-07-31 05:47:34 UTC  

Well it will have to wait now

2018-07-31 05:47:55 UTC  

Why’s that lol

2018-07-31 05:48:26 UTC  

Because I’m sanctioning you too

2018-07-31 05:49:24 UTC  

Now you both should publicly apologize

2018-07-31 05:49:33 UTC