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2018-10-23 20:24:34 UTC  

Flo is this political power house in the TPP

2018-10-23 20:24:48 UTC  

and hei s probably the own who organized my Senate defeat in Feb 2015

2018-10-23 20:25:27 UTC  

So how is Flo ideologically

2018-10-23 20:25:37 UTC  

always been on the left

2018-10-23 20:25:40 UTC  

very left wing

2018-10-23 20:25:43 UTC  

even more left now

2018-10-23 20:25:49 UTC  

He is a friend of Adam I believe

2018-10-23 20:25:51 UTC  

So why was he not Labor

2018-10-23 20:25:56 UTC  

He wasn;t back then

2018-10-23 20:26:10 UTC  

I think he and Adam were at the DNC together in 2016

2018-10-23 20:26:28 UTC  

He was not part of labor until 2016

2018-10-23 20:26:49 UTC  

I Think just a factor being in the Prog Union and then being in TPP

2018-10-23 20:26:57 UTC  

he was recruited into the Progressive Union Party

2018-10-23 20:27:06 UTC  

and ALbor was relentless in attacking the Progressive Union

2018-10-23 20:27:16 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:27:19 UTC  

Adam hates third parties meme

2018-10-23 20:28:12 UTC  

lol Sassy windjammer

2018-10-23 20:28:29 UTC  

Adam actually helped the Feds back in 2015 because he didn’t want TPP to take over as the main opposition to labor

2018-10-23 20:29:19 UTC  

Did he figure that a more centrist "right wing" party would be a bigger threat to Labor dominance in the long run

2018-10-23 20:29:32 UTC  

Than a true right wing party

2018-10-23 20:29:50 UTC  

yes and even more scary was a party like TPP that could straddle both

2018-10-23 20:30:09 UTC  

TPP had people like Simfan and Cranberry elected in the same region

2018-10-23 20:30:11 UTC  

Which is what Doof turned the Feds into in 2017 i guess

2018-10-23 20:30:23 UTC  

Cranberry was a socialist and Simfan a conservative of the elitist variety

2018-10-23 20:30:26 UTC  

I would disagree

2018-10-23 20:30:36 UTC  

Doof likes to take credit for doing something novel

2018-10-23 20:31:08 UTC  

but the strategy essentially boiled down to telling new lefties "hey, I am a different kind of conservative from all those people in RL" I support x,y z

2018-10-23 20:31:15 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:31:18 UTC  

he was just more successfull in doing it across more elections

2018-10-23 20:31:45 UTC  

And that appealed to center left me in mid 2017😛

2018-10-23 20:31:46 UTC  

but Tmth, myself and others had done the same in lower level races for years and Tmth for the PResidency in 2011

2018-10-23 20:32:08 UTC  

The Federalists had moved more libertarian and conservative in 2015 and 2016

2018-10-23 20:32:32 UTC  

prior to that Fed Presidents had been moderates considered to "outside" the inner circles of the party like Duke and Lumine

2018-10-23 20:32:42 UTC  

Leinad was the first President to be by, for and of the Federalist Party

2018-10-23 20:32:55 UTC  

and to be rather ideological at that being libertarian

2018-10-23 20:33:00 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:33:17 UTC  

DFW's work was essentially to return the Feds to where they were in 2014

2018-10-23 20:33:29 UTC  

this was necessary because unlike 2015 and 2016

2018-10-23 20:33:37 UTC  

the left was back in the game numbers wise

2018-10-23 20:33:41 UTC