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2018-10-23 20:48:33 UTC  

I imagine Sestak and a couple other will take the lead on policy

2018-10-23 20:48:57 UTC  

Yeah and Adam will handle strategy stuff

2018-10-23 20:49:17 UTC  

And will "organize" the actions WB will take

2018-10-23 20:50:02 UTC  

How active will Adam be?

2018-10-23 20:50:22 UTC  

He wasn't really active as a Senator I didn't think

2018-10-23 20:51:12 UTC  

I noticed that Adam only voted on stuff that personally matters to him for the most part

2018-10-23 20:51:19 UTC  

In the Senate

2018-10-23 20:54:24 UTC  

Anyway I would think some college bill will pass

2018-10-23 20:54:49 UTC  

whether it be "free" is up in the air at this point

2018-10-23 20:54:58 UTC  

I don't trust the execution

2018-10-23 20:55:01 UTC  

They'll probably go for an assualt weapons ban too

2018-10-23 20:55:10 UTC  

And repeal paygo as well

2018-10-23 20:55:20 UTC  

I don't think they will try an AWB

2018-10-23 20:55:21 UTC  

And maybe a federal abortion law

2018-10-23 20:55:28 UTC  

too risky and probably fails

2018-10-23 20:55:52 UTC  

If their is one thing the left won't touch it's guns

2018-10-23 20:55:57 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:55:57 UTC  

I agree on Abortion

2018-10-23 20:56:14 UTC  

They will ban guns if they have the votes

2018-10-23 20:56:36 UTC  

Plus the lefty majority is solidly anti gun

2018-10-23 20:56:43 UTC  

And pro choice too

2018-10-23 20:57:04 UTC  

Yeah I'm afraid will get some abortion legalization bill passed

2018-10-23 20:57:25 UTC  

along with some horrible tax increases and out of control spending proposals

2018-10-23 20:57:30 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:57:45 UTC  

I also fear the lack of quality legislation

2018-10-23 20:57:56 UTC  

They might not repeal paygo, but they'll just jack up the tax rates

2018-10-23 20:58:08 UTC  

To balance the budget perhaps

2018-10-23 20:58:25 UTC  

Yeah especially on corporations and the wealthy

2018-10-23 20:58:40 UTC  

Say hello to over 50% tax rates

2018-10-23 20:58:54 UTC  

Well back in the old days

2018-10-23 20:59:03 UTC  

TNF wanted 90% rates

2018-10-23 20:59:29 UTC  

Labor actually was good at balancing the budget

2018-10-23 20:59:30 UTC  

While JCL was considered a loony right wing extremist for only wanting 45%

2018-10-23 20:59:31 UTC  


2018-10-23 20:59:36 UTC  

tax rates were ridiculous

2018-10-23 20:59:54 UTC  

and the numbers from the GM were rather unrealistic

2018-10-23 21:00:23 UTC  

And did they make them unrealistic on purpose

2018-10-23 21:00:24 UTC  

I don't trust GM Truman will be a good check

2018-10-23 21:00:28 UTC  

on Labor

2018-10-23 21:00:39 UTC  

Truman will do whatever Labor wants

2018-10-23 21:00:43 UTC  

I don't think it was purpose LT