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2018-10-24 23:52:27 UTC  

It's not as if any gun control bill is getting through the senate.

2018-10-24 23:52:34 UTC  

Yeah it would

2018-10-24 23:52:34 UTC  

Not with sestak.

2018-10-24 23:52:45 UTC  

Sestak does support some gun control

2018-10-24 23:53:00 UTC  

And definitely will as he is Labor chair now

2018-10-24 23:53:13 UTC  

There will be a special election

2018-10-24 23:53:18 UTC  

For MB's seat

2018-10-25 00:39:53 UTC  

@Tea Party Hater when did you change your name? 😛

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2018-10-25 00:51:04 UTC  

Oh how rude, lol

2018-10-25 00:53:29 UTC  

If only Torie voted differently...

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2018-10-25 00:55:33 UTC  

And if two Weatherboy voters voted differently...

2018-10-25 00:55:36 UTC  


2018-10-25 00:56:03 UTC  

yep always those what ifs

2018-10-25 00:56:21 UTC  

I mean Doof won his February 2017 upset

2018-10-25 00:56:37 UTC  

By getting 3 old radical lefties to vote for him

2018-10-25 00:56:49 UTC  

Al, Hashemite, and Oakvale

2018-10-25 03:00:14 UTC  

We lost in Fremont to alpha in the senate special election by 3 votes last July

2018-10-25 03:00:42 UTC  

so Fremont has been a tough region for us for a while

2018-10-25 03:01:13 UTC  

and that was with getting siren and Ebowed support

2018-10-25 22:30:21 UTC  

@Deleted User @YoungTexan @NCY1689 What is the current extent of Atlasian firearm laws?

2018-10-25 22:30:35 UTC  

I know we don't have an Assault Weapons Ban

2018-10-25 22:30:47 UTC  

Mostly legal

2018-10-25 22:31:30 UTC  

Do we have any controls?

2018-10-25 22:31:56 UTC  

I'll try pulling up some bills

2018-10-25 22:32:16 UTC  

Because I don't want to call for anything we already have.

2018-10-25 22:32:46 UTC  


2018-10-25 22:34:20 UTC  

@Deleted User Isn't gun control federal?

2018-10-25 22:34:30 UTC  

Both regional and Federal

2018-10-25 22:34:47 UTC  

So what gun control measures are currently in force?

2018-10-25 22:34:48 UTC  
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2018-10-25 22:35:38 UTC  

Section 1: Title and Definitions
1. The title of this act shall be the “Gun Reform Act.”
2. An "Assault weapon" is defined as an AR-15.
3."Bumpstocks" is defined as the act of using the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire shots quickly.

Section 2: Regulations
1. The sale and use of bump stocks in Fremont is hereby illegal.
2. No state is allowed to prohibit the sale and use of assault weapons.
3. No state is allowed to have more than a seven day or less than a 72 hour waiting period before acquiring a gun.
4. No state is allowed to ban less than 15 rounds of ammunition.
5. Gun manufactures should not be held accountable if an individual commits or attempts to commit a crime with a gun, provided the gun was acquired in a legal way.

Section 3: Gun Purchases
1. Guns shall only be sold by sellers approved by the Commonwealth of Fremont.
a. Gun sales at gun shows shall be hereby prohibited unless by approved sellers.

Section 4: Violations
1. Unauthorized sale and/or gifting of weapons shall warrant a punishment of the gifter/seller to be determined by a court of law.

Section 5:
1. This act shall be implemented immediately,

2018-10-25 22:36:28 UTC  

@Deleted User that is what Fremont passed

2018-10-25 22:37:06 UTC  

@Deleted User And nothing federally?