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2018-10-30 03:15:30 UTC  

*In your opinion.

2018-10-30 03:15:42 UTC  

And it's good in your opinion

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2018-10-30 03:16:10 UTC  

That is why I support these measures, while you oppose them.

2018-10-30 05:13:09 UTC  

I think it's a bit disingenuous that you're focusing so hard on this issue when you did not campaign on it, or even disclose those views at any point prior to getting elected

2018-10-30 05:18:28 UTC  

In fact, this was your focus on the campaign:

"To sum up, If you elect me I shall focus on two areas; Tax Cuts and Infrastructure spending. And indeed, I shall get stuff done in these areas for the people of Fremont."

2018-10-30 05:54:57 UTC  

@Deleted User I'm extremely pragmatic.

2018-10-30 05:55:12 UTC  

When I discover an area of concern, that becomes my Number 1 priority.

2018-10-30 05:55:18 UTC  

Why focus on gun control though

2018-10-30 05:55:41 UTC  

right away their are lots of other possible priorities

2018-10-30 05:56:08 UTC  

During research on current statue I was extremely alarmed at the complete lack of any gun control.

2018-10-30 05:56:17 UTC  

That became a major concern to me.

2018-10-30 05:56:29 UTC  

And became my number 1 priority.

2018-10-30 05:56:44 UTC  


2018-10-30 05:56:59 UTC  

@Deleted User I am completely focused on Tax Cuts and infrastructure.

2018-10-30 05:57:13 UTC  

You shall see this when I introduce all the bills I have ready.

2018-10-30 05:57:30 UTC  

However I decided that I wanted to get Gun Control out of the way first.

2018-10-30 05:58:20 UTC  

Atlasia has some gun control

2018-10-30 05:58:44 UTC  

Bump stock bans in each region.

2018-10-30 05:58:47 UTC  

That's about it.

2018-10-30 05:59:30 UTC  

like I said before, you made absolutely no mention of an interest in this topic when campaigning. and I'm starting to feel like you intentionally did it this way.

2018-10-30 05:59:46 UTC  


2018-10-30 05:59:57 UTC  

Gun control wasn't on my mind during the campaign.

2018-10-30 06:00:30 UTC  

However after I was sure I was elected I decided to read through the entirety of current Federal and Regional statute.

2018-10-30 06:01:02 UTC  

Only when I was reading through this did Gun Control get on my agenda.

2018-10-30 06:02:23 UTC  

We have some gun control legislation

2018-10-30 06:02:32 UTC  

Bump Stocks and Trigger Cranks.

2018-10-30 06:02:32 UTC  

it’s just not a winning strategy

2018-10-30 06:02:36 UTC  

A no fly list.

2018-10-30 06:02:42 UTC  

You have to pick your battles @Deleted User

2018-10-30 06:02:46 UTC  

And background checks.

2018-10-30 06:02:58 UTC  


2018-10-30 06:02:58 UTC  

@Deleted User I picked this battle.

2018-10-30 06:03:12 UTC  

Because Gun Control is something I strongly believe in.

2018-10-30 06:03:34 UTC  

Yes but it has a huge backlash risk to it

2018-10-30 06:03:49 UTC  

gun control is a highly controversial issues in Atlasia

2018-10-30 06:04:12 UTC  

and not one that is really that popular outside of the left

2018-10-30 06:04:21 UTC  

I don't care. It's something I believe in.

2018-10-30 06:04:39 UTC  

worth noting that the Federalist Party platform contains this:

- That the right to bear arms is a fundamental freedom that should be protected for all Atlasians

2018-10-30 06:05:08 UTC  

"The Federalist Party is a broad church"