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2018-12-01 20:29:35 UTC  

lumine has personally been a dick to me

2018-12-01 20:30:00 UTC  

and, as mentioned, his style is not to my tastes

2018-12-01 20:30:32 UTC  

periclol's style isnt my favorite either, but he is very friendly to me at least

2018-12-01 20:31:02 UTC  

Well, I guesss this is the fault of Lumine not pming voters

2018-12-01 20:31:06 UTC  


2018-12-01 20:32:00 UTC  

i probably would vote lumine if he courted me, and apologized, for his past comments

2018-12-01 20:33:55 UTC  

a guy who is not actually a nice guy acting nice for your vote and made clear he's unwilling to work with the party > your party's interests

good to know 👍

2018-12-01 20:34:48 UTC  

again, i don't like periclols style

2018-12-01 20:34:50 UTC  

never did

2018-12-01 20:34:54 UTC  

never will

2018-12-01 20:35:21 UTC  

Well, I mean Doof got a ton of Laborites to vote for him in his elections by talking nice to them

2018-12-01 20:35:31 UTC  

By pm

2018-12-01 20:35:37 UTC  

no one in their right mind should think Pericles is the best option in this scenario

2018-12-01 20:36:55 UTC  

gues im not in my right mind then, lol

2018-12-01 20:37:16 UTC  

Meh, what happened has happened

2018-12-01 20:37:23 UTC  

Let's move forward

2018-12-01 20:37:46 UTC  

it's not the first time pmasta has tried to pull shit like this

2018-12-01 20:38:51 UTC  

im sorry im not a loyal party member, lol

2018-12-01 20:39:17 UTC  

federalists are independent, in naturw

2018-12-01 20:40:37 UTC  

unlike the labor hacks

2018-12-01 20:41:24 UTC  

i mean you've made it obvious you only really support the party when it's your friends, otherwise you clearly are biased towards Labor/PUP folks

2018-12-01 20:41:37 UTC  


2018-12-01 20:41:41 UTC  

i barely know yankee

2018-12-01 20:41:54 UTC  

Well, I mean in a way, our reason of existance is to provide an alternative to the big leftist hoarde, but we should be united

2018-12-01 20:41:55 UTC  

but I happily voted for him

2018-12-01 20:42:13 UTC  


2018-12-01 20:42:59 UTC  

and, as someone who always vote fed for president and usually downballot trying to push me out of the party is a bad idea

2018-12-01 20:43:27 UTC  

I mean I'm sure you'll vote Fed for house

2018-12-01 20:43:38 UTC  

And senate in a couple weeks

2018-12-01 20:43:40 UTC  


2018-12-01 20:43:51 UTC  

who is running then?

2018-12-01 20:43:54 UTC  

not lumine?

2018-12-01 20:43:57 UTC  


2018-12-01 20:44:01 UTC  

oh for sure

2018-12-01 20:44:14 UTC  

and ill probably vote lt for house

2018-12-01 23:56:23 UTC  

i mean

2018-12-01 23:56:29 UTC  

there's still the primaries

2018-12-01 23:57:53 UTC  


2018-12-01 23:58:02 UTC  

But you'll probably win that

2018-12-01 23:59:57 UTC  


2018-12-01 23:59:58 UTC  

I mean