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2018-11-19 09:03:34 UTC  

Also, I have spare time and anger to burn

2018-11-19 10:25:57 UTC  

Also, to help for re-election, Yankee's full record is:

2018-11-19 10:26:17 UTC  

17 terms as senator (by my count) making him Atlasia's longest serving senator

2018-11-19 10:26:33 UTC  

8 terms as Representative

2018-11-19 10:27:05 UTC  

2 terms as Vice President

2018-11-19 10:27:10 UTC  

2 terms as President

2018-11-23 19:30:17 UTC  

@South Federalists: please remember to vote in the recall elections this weekend! We need high turnout to ensure these inactive legislators are recalled.

2018-11-23 19:30:32 UTC  

I don't know how to tag Southerners, sorry

2018-11-23 19:31:06 UTC  

I'll try and change the setting for that

2018-11-23 19:31:24 UTC  

Full disclosure: Spark's vacancy will result in a Federalist replacement, I plan to ask Mr. Reactionary to take that seat if he's willing, he's already more active than Spark and most legislators.

2018-11-23 19:31:41 UTC  


2018-11-23 19:31:50 UTC  

TBD on Fillinovich but I'm supposed to ask a Laborite first. As for Lechassuer, that will result in a special election so The People make the decision, not me.

2018-11-23 19:31:54 UTC  

Thank you @Deleted User !!!

2018-11-23 19:32:41 UTC  

Should we vote straight Aye?

2018-11-23 19:33:00 UTC  

That is my recommendation, yes.

2018-11-23 19:33:05 UTC  


2018-11-23 19:33:13 UTC  

All 3 are inactive, we can replace them with active folks

2018-11-23 19:33:22 UTC  


2018-11-23 19:34:59 UTC  


2018-11-23 19:36:14 UTC  

Wow, that was a big dump of votes in the past few minutes

2018-11-23 19:36:24 UTC  

Even from non discord people

2018-11-23 19:40:24 UTC  

I am sending PMs

2018-11-23 19:40:30 UTC  

Based on ABC order

2018-11-23 19:41:18 UTC  

Such a high percentage of voters for recall is needed, even if 40 people vote 100% to recall, it still isn't enough.

2018-11-23 19:41:53 UTC  

Lincoln doesn't have a requirement in the constitution

2018-11-23 19:41:58 UTC  

From what I've read

2018-11-23 19:42:12 UTC  

I guess simple majority

2018-11-23 19:42:31 UTC  

There is a big constitutional amendment drafted that would clarify the process, but I'm not introducing it until we have an active, stable legislature to debate it

2018-11-23 19:42:59 UTC  

Yeah, Lincoln needs a lot of work done

2018-11-23 19:43:03 UTC  

To fix it

2018-11-24 00:04:36 UTC  

I have resigned from the CoD. But will see me again in January

2018-11-24 00:04:54 UTC  

Governor TM will appoint a replacement

2018-11-24 00:06:40 UTC  

@Spark You need to resign in the 'Swearing in of New Officeholders' thread

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2018-11-24 00:14:16 UTC  

I will be back soon guys don’t worry we accomplished very much over the last two sessions. Need a break.

2018-11-24 00:14:44 UTC  

Please be sure to vote in the midterms

2018-11-24 00:14:50 UTC  

Who is running

2018-11-24 00:14:53 UTC  


2018-11-24 00:15:01 UTC  

Yankee for senate

2018-11-24 00:15:07 UTC  

Ah yes