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2018-03-30 01:54:40 UTC  

How do you suppose I can get Winfield and Poirot as they're critical swing voters for me

2018-03-30 01:56:56 UTC  

Poirot is harder than Winfield

2018-03-30 01:57:24 UTC  

How come

2018-03-30 01:59:50 UTC  

Because Winfield has a set of pet issues that you can get him on

2018-03-30 02:00:00 UTC  

Poirot gets hung up over more random things

2018-03-30 02:00:13 UTC  

and thus is harder to get his vote

2018-03-30 02:00:31 UTC  

Like what does Winfield care about

2018-03-30 02:00:37 UTC  

Right now?

2018-03-30 02:00:47 UTC  

probably forcibly seizing everyone's guns

2018-03-30 02:00:54 UTC  


2018-03-30 02:02:00 UTC  

I guess I answered poorly in the town hall thread😛 , but maybe I can paint Wells as an opportunistic flip flopper on guns

2018-03-30 02:02:16 UTC  

And get Winfield on other issues

2018-03-30 03:00:15 UTC  


2018-03-30 03:42:43 UTC

2018-03-30 03:43:09 UTC  

Deeply Disturbing!

2018-03-30 03:43:43 UTC  


2018-03-30 05:55:51 UTC  

Learned Nothing

2018-03-30 05:55:55 UTC  

Forgot Everything

2018-03-30 05:56:07 UTC  

and Doubling Down

2018-03-30 05:56:14 UTC  

on a bipartisan basis it seems

2018-03-30 05:56:21 UTC  

RIP Lincoln

2018-03-30 05:56:46 UTC  

I'm considering starting a regional party

2018-03-30 05:56:57 UTC  

Do it

2018-03-30 05:57:02 UTC  

To give a real alternative to this bullshit

2018-03-30 05:57:31 UTC  

But the best way to do that is to wait until after they are for sure doing this

2018-03-30 05:58:08 UTC  

by which I mean passing Soap amendments so no one can deny it

2018-03-30 05:58:23 UTC  

Yeah, I will have plenty of time to work on Atlasia stuff next week

2018-03-30 05:58:55 UTC  

And I've been thinking about calling it The "Lincoln Beer Party"

2018-03-30 05:59:26 UTC  

Also, if I lose reelection

2018-03-30 05:59:58 UTC  

I'll be waiting for the first special assembly election to open up

2018-03-30 06:01:33 UTC  

Beer Party?

2018-03-30 06:01:56 UTC  

Yep it's a spin on Tea Party

2018-03-30 06:02:11 UTC  


2018-03-30 06:03:51 UTC  

I want to change "national crisis" to "regional crisis"

2018-03-30 06:05:07 UTC  


2018-03-30 15:49:59 UTC  

Fellow Federalists,

I have been an active member since November of 2015. I remember back in the days of November, when there was little activity and I was called upon to be a candidate for the Southern Assembly. I won that election, and then I became Speaker shortly after entering that office. We got a lot of things done back then. A lot of things got done back then. We worked together, bipartisanly to change our region for the good, and we did

2018-03-30 15:50:22 UTC  

I did the same thing in the new House. I was elected to the first House, and became Majority Leader. We again set a standard for the House in that Congress, under my leadership. I was then elected to the 7th, 8th, and 9th Congresses and I was Majority Leader, and we worked with opposition parties to advance our platform, we worked bipartisanly again. My opponent, fairbol criticizes me somehow implying that “I’m not a bold defender of liberty”. I agree with him on the need to curb government spending, but he’s lying about my record. I want to give the Southern region a choice between an experienced candidate, or an inexperienced candidate.

2018-03-30 15:50:36 UTC  

As Governor of the South, I will work with the legislature to get many real kitchen table issues taken care of. We’ll fix runaway government spending by funding a private investigation into our agencies and such to show us where we need to cut, to show us where the waste is. We’ll fix the economy so a hardworking Atlasian doesn’t have to work two or three jobs to just get by, that’s disgraceful. We’ll let every hardworking person in our region get a shot- we’ll encourage immigration, we’ll encourage our region to be much more environmentally friendly. I believe a platform of compassionate conservatism and bipartisanship is what is needed for our region. If you want policy over rhetoric, I’ll be a great governor. I ask that you endorse me for those following reasons. I’ll change the South, and to correct fairbol: I’m not the status quo candidate, I’m the results candidate. I don’t back down from my positions, and I won’t fail you.

2018-03-30 15:50:45 UTC  

Is that a good request to the Federalist Party to endorse me?

2018-03-30 18:15:41 UTC  

well, it's going to be a primary between you and fairbol