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2018-03-30 18:18:31 UTC  

since Mr. R is going to the senate early

2018-03-30 18:18:47 UTC  

or you can run for CoD

2018-03-30 18:18:57 UTC  

maybe the house might need you

2018-03-30 18:19:23 UTC  

I wouldn’t run for a Delegate seat, maybe the Senate. I dunno yet but yeah, I’m still hoping I win the Governorship. If no other candidate enters I thought about running as an Independent Federalist

2018-03-30 18:19:34 UTC  

But peebs is gonna run so I ain’t gonna be no spoiler

2018-03-30 18:20:04 UTC  

well with ranked choice voting, there isn't the spoiler effect of RL elections

2018-03-30 18:20:50 UTC  

Oh yeah. Maybe I’ll do that then. But I hope I win the primary. I’m gonna send out some pms to federalists followed by the old labor coalition that was down here

2018-03-30 18:21:15 UTC  

and what do you think of my Lincoln Beer Party idea

2018-03-30 18:21:24 UTC  

as a regional party

2018-03-30 18:21:52 UTC  

since Lincoln definitely didn't get the government it was promised

2018-03-30 18:22:01 UTC  

It actually seems nice. I wanna see more third parties pop up even though I’m a federalist I think it’s a great idea. I don’t know how to help but I would like to help with that idea.

2018-03-30 18:22:46 UTC  

well regional parties are different entities than national parties

2018-03-30 18:24:07 UTC  

I would still be a fed

2018-03-30 18:24:38 UTC  

but regional parties are aimed at regional level issues and concerns

2018-03-30 18:24:52 UTC  

Yeah I know about the regional parties and stuff, but maybe a regional party here wouldn’t be that bad. I’m still running in the fed primary for now though but that sounds nice

2018-03-30 18:25:39 UTC  

I see that the south had a Liberal Justice Party and a Southern Liberty Coalition

2018-03-30 18:25:47 UTC  

that both went inactive

2018-03-30 18:25:56 UTC  

Yeah. Maybe one wouldn’t be so bad here

2018-03-30 18:26:01 UTC  

And y’all only have the Lincoln democrats

2018-03-30 18:26:18 UTC  

regional parties are great to have

2018-03-30 18:26:34 UTC  

they are doing wonders for Fremont rn

2018-03-31 03:40:36 UTC  

I'm triggered!

2018-03-31 23:09:51 UTC  

Damn dip endorsed fairbol

2018-03-31 23:54:50 UTC  

The vote on the college bill angered some conservatives.

2018-03-31 23:55:22 UTC  

It reminds me of when me, Rowanbrandon and Jedi were Senators and we all voted for something statist

2018-03-31 23:55:28 UTC  

and that pisssed off the libertarians

2018-03-31 23:55:34 UTC  

I think it was a smoking ban or something

2018-03-31 23:56:27 UTC  

Also to add on to what LT was saying earlier, if you lose the Governor primary, run for Senator or House.

2018-03-31 23:56:52 UTC  

Same goes for Fairbol if he loses

2018-04-01 00:27:05 UTC  


2018-04-01 00:27:12 UTC  

Give me your honest opinion

2018-04-01 00:27:14 UTC  

Who’s favored

2018-04-01 00:27:42 UTC  

I don't know

2018-04-01 00:27:52 UTC  

I think it is closer

2018-04-01 00:28:06 UTC  

then I expected a week ago

2018-04-01 00:28:19 UTC  

I may send out pms tomorrow

2018-04-01 00:28:24 UTC  

To all federalist southern voters

2018-04-01 00:28:41 UTC  

Some real hope stuff, a link to my Governor board which is a shitstorm rn but tmrw I’ll post a good ol platform of legislative ideas

2018-04-01 00:29:12 UTC  

You might want to try and throw a bone to the fi cons since they are most angered right now