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2018-08-25 19:21:40 UTC  

Wow that’s petty

2018-08-25 19:45:00 UTC  

I would like to issue an Apology to Young Texan. I was wrong in my actions and I know I did wrong. I want to publicly apologize and announce that YT has my full support in Congress

2018-08-25 22:37:36 UTC  

after me of course 😛

2018-08-25 22:42:14 UTC  

me during Atlasia drama: 🍿

2018-08-25 22:44:06 UTC  


2019-01-07 04:44:25 UTC  

does this count

2019-01-07 04:44:57 UTC  


2019-01-07 04:45:19 UTC  

We should make some attack ads

2019-01-07 04:45:23 UTC  


2019-01-08 13:48:59 UTC  

I have a speech saved, just needs a review

2019-01-08 13:49:09 UTC  

And probably a bit of revision

2019-01-10 03:56:52 UTC  

@Deleted User @Deleted User @Tea Party Hater please object to the final vote motion on the right to work bill. debate is obviously still ongoing

2019-01-10 03:57:02 UTC  


2019-01-10 03:57:11 UTC  

I'll make an amendment

2019-01-10 04:05:56 UTC  

Don’t see how my amendments were unworkable

2019-01-10 04:15:11 UTC  

psst you need to object to the motion for final vote still guys

2019-01-10 04:15:54 UTC  

just making that clear since AZ has since posted to the thread

2019-01-10 04:18:33 UTC

2019-01-10 13:04:17 UTC  

I just again stated my opposition to Pericles' "no child" act because it's ridiculously expensive. Why should we be using 90% of the Revenue Enhancement Act revenues on it? It's a waste of money and just plain stupid. I even said I would have voted for it if it were somewhat affordable but it's simply not fiscally responsible to use so much money on a project like that. It would be different if that money were being used for a real society changing initiative, but not for some tax credits