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2018-04-09 01:27:46 UTC  

Haslam, I'll vote for either you or Fairbol depending on if you run for the other office

2018-04-09 01:28:06 UTC  

because I want the feds to have candidates for both offices

2018-04-09 01:32:32 UTC  

I’ll run for Senate.

2018-04-09 01:32:36 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:33:27 UTC  

I still want to create a regional federalist friendly party. I believe that’s a good way to help the party nationally. I’ll make a speech, I’d like y’all to check it first and I already pmed fairbol about the deal. Damn dude this is crazyyyy

2018-04-09 01:33:47 UTC  

what do you mean

2018-04-09 01:33:58 UTC  

would it be a regional party

2018-04-09 01:34:01 UTC  

Thanks though man and yeah

2018-04-09 01:34:14 UTC  

“The Liberty Party”

2018-04-09 01:34:25 UTC  

used to promote the Keep it Simple Plan

2018-04-09 01:34:39 UTC  

But hold up check my speech my dude

2018-04-09 01:37:52 UTC  

[font=timesnewroman][b][size=16pt]Senator Haslam makes an announcement!!![/size][/b][/font]

[i]Senator Haslam announces his decision.[/i]

[size=14pt]”Hell, I had no idea this race would tie. I thought the Senate wasn’t right for me, and personally had a long time ambition and dream to be Governor. However, democracy has played its process, and I’m glad it did. The result is in question, as me and delegate Fairbol have tied. I congratulate him on a hard fought race, it remained in good spirits, and I’m happy about that. Although it was a weird outcome, a tie, I’m announcing something I never really thought I would announce. I have unfinished business in the Senate, I’m not gonna lie I haven’t been the most active, uncontroversial, best Senator I could be. That’s why I ran for Governor. However I believe our country has really struck something with the Keep it Simple Platform, and I have plans to introduce some legislation from that platform. Long story short, I am endorsing Delegate Fairbol for the governorship. I am running for Senate as the “moderate” candidate. I hope that you can vote for a second term of experience, a second term of the values of liberty, a second term of bipartisan negotiation. I hope you can vote for the Keep it Simple agenda, and I hope we can make Atlasia, and our region, soar together!!!”[/size]

2018-04-09 22:49:57 UTC  

BLM protesting outside where I work right now

2018-04-09 22:50:24 UTC  

how did your city trigger people this time?

2018-04-09 22:50:34 UTC  

Police shooting on Saturday night

2018-04-09 22:50:47 UTC  

Although the guy shot doesnt sound very sympathetic

2018-04-09 22:51:09 UTC  

Since he followed his ex to her house at like 1 AM.

2018-04-09 22:51:19 UTC  

Wouldnt leave even when the cops showed up

2018-04-09 22:51:38 UTC  

Fiddled in his pockets, wouldnt show his hands

2018-04-09 22:51:43 UTC  

Got tazed

2018-04-09 22:51:52 UTC  

Then rather than going down ran to his car

2018-04-09 22:52:03 UTC  

Reached in the glove box

2018-04-09 22:52:15 UTC  

Reexited the car and approached police while yelling

2018-04-09 22:52:26 UTC  

And wouldnt show his hands after 2 or 3 more requests

2018-04-09 22:52:51 UTC  

He could have left several times

2018-04-09 22:52:56 UTC  

or at least deescalated

2018-04-09 22:52:56 UTC  

yeah that doesn't really sound like an innocent man getting gunned down by dirty cops.

2018-04-09 22:53:06 UTC  

But my town is half black

2018-04-09 22:53:14 UTC  

No idea the color of the cop

2018-04-09 22:53:32 UTC  

The protesters were kind enough to wait til we all left

2018-04-09 22:53:38 UTC  

Just drove by

2018-04-09 22:53:45 UTC  

Its like 100 people

2018-04-09 22:53:48 UTC  


2018-04-09 22:54:03 UTC  

near the statue of our confederate 50-year mayor

2018-04-09 22:54:54 UTC  

Totally saw some cops with rifles take position up the street when I was leaving at 5 tho

2018-04-09 22:55:16 UTC  

I work 1 floor above the police station

2018-04-09 22:56:11 UTC  


2018-04-09 22:58:13 UTC  

Thank God I dont represent the Police Department

2018-04-09 23:02:55 UTC  

you'd have lynch mobs after you

2018-04-10 16:21:41 UTC