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2018-10-25 02:31:05 UTC  

You could always try and get a hotel in Rock Hill which is about 20 mins south of the City in SC

2018-10-25 02:31:20 UTC  

probably too late to try to plan that now

2018-10-25 02:32:04 UTC  

Yea, Well I will have pictures! Hopefully. I just hope we get there early enough

2018-10-25 02:32:25 UTC  

maybe if he's ever in VA again I'll go with folks

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2018-10-25 04:50:02 UTC  

Vote Trump in 2020

2018-10-25 05:08:41 UTC  

or don't

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2018-10-25 14:54:44 UTC  

Vote Trump

2018-10-25 14:54:49 UTC  

We gotta destroy the Dems

2018-10-26 00:21:39 UTC  

Vote for a good Dem

2018-10-26 00:21:47 UTC  

No socialism

2018-10-26 00:22:03 UTC  


2018-10-26 00:22:27 UTC  

But yes! No socialism, no Labor

2018-10-26 23:49:02 UTC  

Am I the only one that still hasn't embraced Trump here

2018-10-26 23:49:05 UTC  

Really guys

2018-10-26 23:49:28 UTC  

@Deleted User yeah looks like

2018-10-26 23:49:35 UTC  

I’m surprised i did

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2018-10-26 23:50:26 UTC  

I've embraced JAIR

2018-10-26 23:50:36 UTC  

Jair is like trump on steroids

2018-10-26 23:50:51 UTC  

But I'm pretty sure I'll never fully embrace Trump since he reminds me a bit too much of our European right-wing populists

2018-10-26 23:51:25 UTC  

Nah, Jair atleast is campaigning on a pro-trade platform. And to be fair I haven't really *embraced* him, it's just meme value and the fact that I don't want 4 more years of PT

2018-10-26 23:52:55 UTC  

I mean, I could hypothetically support Trump over a Democrat. But I fucking swear I'm never going to like a guy that spends all of him time attacking muh globalists on Twitter

2018-10-26 23:53:41 UTC  

I know what the PVV turned out to be and I'm sure Trump would be no better if the congressional GOP wasn't there to keep him in check (though to be fair I'm not exactly a fan of Ryan's budgets either)

2018-10-26 23:53:42 UTC  

Why would you lol

2018-10-26 23:53:52 UTC  

Twitter attacks are lame

2018-10-26 23:54:29 UTC  

I spend a lot of time arguing with ''far-right'' cucks who're really just socialists on economic policy

2018-10-26 23:54:52 UTC  

(yes, I shamelessly use the word socialist for anything I don't like)

2018-10-26 23:54:54 UTC  

Honestly yeah they are

2018-10-26 23:55:23 UTC  

But seriously, the PVV (Dutch far-right party) manifesto was literally this:

2018-10-26 23:56:01 UTC  

1. Ban mosques, 2. *LOWER THE RENTS* (the rental market is already quite fucking overregulated), 3. Repeal healthcare copayments

2018-10-26 23:56:12 UTC  

And a bunch of other stuff

2018-10-26 23:56:28 UTC  

Nah, Trump reminds me too much of them

2018-10-26 23:56:54 UTC  

Rent control is bad lol

2018-10-26 23:57:01 UTC  

Always has been

2018-10-26 23:57:04 UTC  

Always will be

2018-10-26 23:57:45 UTC  

Yeah, tell that to the leftists (and right-wing populists apparently) who claim ''VVD policy'' is what caused the overheating of the housing market even though the VVD hasn't done anything about left-wing rent controls

2018-10-26 23:58:41 UTC  

The real reason I now somewhat like Bolsonaro is because some far-right cuck said Bolsonaro represented wealthy racists who are angry about benefits for the poorest instead of the ''forgotten men and women''