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2018-04-24 22:03:32 UTC  

At least that’s what ppl were telling me

2018-04-24 22:03:45 UTC  

And everyone was allowed to vote for four ppl out of 8 soooo lol

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Future Senator

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Oof when you try to deep dive to find the old southern Jobs bill but can’t find it after going through 60 pages

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This 76ers game great

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I don’t follow bball as much as I should

2018-04-25 02:39:32 UTC  

Kenton leaving the heat was just a massive L

2018-04-25 02:40:37 UTC  

True true- I follow the nfl a lot more and I’m an eagles fan (wasn’t one of the bandwagons smh) but idk basketball has also sorta became an interest of mine this season but true. Ben Simmons crazy good- we leading 102-89 rn

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oh lol i just saw that i meant lebron lol

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Dude I heard he may get traded to the 76ers

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lol watch him get traded to the warriors or some shit

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just imagine that

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oh sorry one last thing to add to the student council election shitfest (ill try to stop im sorry lol):

2018-04-25 02:49:35 UTC  

so with the regular elections like we had today 2 get voted in by the people and 2 are chosen by the two teacher advisors. usually the teacher advisors go with the next 2, as one told me

2018-04-25 02:50:41 UTC  

well now apparently the outgoing prez (older brother of the fuck who introduced corruption to the council and became president) was telling people in my grade that he would support them if they ran AND if they would vote for the new president for his second term at the end of the year

2018-04-25 02:51:00 UTC  

lol student council corruption

2018-04-25 02:51:30 UTC  

so either he had some kind of say in who ended up getting chosen for the next two slots or hes still just being an annoying ass

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*it can happen anywhere*

2018-04-25 02:52:18 UTC  

last year i was gonna run for veep when the older brother was running for prez. he told me he would vote for me (tho he was clearly gonna support his friend who was also running)

2018-04-25 02:52:46 UTC  

but the friend talked to me and i bumped down to secretary to not r3k both of us and hand the election to someone of the opposite "faction"

2018-04-25 02:52:57 UTC  

now i wish i just torpedoed the guy who became veep lol

2018-04-25 02:53:04 UTC  

i wouldve had to run but eh

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and in my school

2018-04-25 02:53:35 UTC  

the student council "election"

2018-04-25 02:53:48 UTC  

is run literally soviet style

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as they have to be approved by the "party"

2018-04-25 02:54:12 UTC  

on a slate