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2018-10-12 12:51:37 UTC  

The one who is actually running and on the ballot😛

2018-10-12 13:26:14 UTC  

I cast my vote

2018-10-12 13:30:37 UTC  

@Tyler0525 why did you first pref PragPop?

2018-10-12 13:32:45 UTC  

As only had one choice for the ballot and I didn’t like him

2018-10-12 14:14:03 UTC  

why don't you like Lechasseur? He's one of the least controversial folks on the forum

2018-10-12 14:27:39 UTC  

I didn’t like his policies

2018-10-12 14:48:10 UTC  

What dont you like

2018-10-12 14:48:17 UTC  

In his policies

2018-10-12 15:21:22 UTC  

Gun rights

2018-10-12 15:29:21 UTC  

Y’all people don’t get it, I support heavy gun control

2018-10-12 15:29:41 UTC  

he voted for restrictions on 3d printed firearms

2018-10-12 15:29:51 UTC  

That’s not all guns tho

2018-10-12 15:30:13 UTC  

so you'd be willing to sacrifice your views on everything else over guns?

2018-10-12 15:30:36 UTC  

Well, I support gay marriage, gun control, and green energy

2018-10-12 15:31:47 UTC  

However, I am strongly against abortion, I’m a devout Christian, and I am fiscally conservative for the most part

2018-10-12 15:32:04 UTC  

he voted in favor of all my environmental bills, has done nothing to mess with gay marriage (in fact he voted in favor of an LGBT rights expansion bill), and has voted in favor of some gun control legislation

2018-10-12 15:32:51 UTC  

I’m also very edgy and Emo and stuff. What’s his stance on, idk. Like. Complete ban on guns?

2018-10-12 15:33:23 UTC  

no sane person who expects to win any elections supports a complete ban on guns, including the person you did vote for

2018-10-12 15:34:21 UTC  

Right but you don’t understand. I’ve spoken with PragPop, and me and them have come to agreement on many issues.

2018-10-12 15:39:00 UTC  

And he respects my pronouns

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2018-10-12 15:42:40 UTC  

So yea

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2018-10-12 16:20:16 UTC  

So we'll call you your prefered pronoun

2018-10-12 16:20:27 UTC  

If you actually told us to😛

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2018-10-12 16:49:16 UTC  

got it

2018-10-12 16:54:13 UTC  

Federalist Party

2018-10-12 17:33:16 UTC  

You have to register in the "New Register Thread"

2018-10-12 17:35:43 UTC  

Guys I finally got a job

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2018-10-13 00:41:27 UTC  

Vote for whoever

2018-10-13 00:41:44 UTC  

#youngtexan for President

2018-10-13 01:05:00 UTC  

Who agrees?

2018-10-13 16:26:29 UTC  

The Federalist Party is still the best

2018-10-13 16:28:38 UTC  

Yeah, and that's why we shouldn't let Labor win

2018-10-13 16:28:44 UTC  

Since they suck

2018-10-13 16:28:57 UTC  

And will pretty much do the same things

2018-10-13 16:29:05 UTC  

As each other

2018-10-13 16:29:08 UTC  

I’m getting stared at at the Walmart parking lot cuz I’m blasting Ozzy Osborne