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Since McCain couldn’t have won

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at this point it's obvious he's attention seeking @Deleted User.

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Gotta step back for a few days for irl stuff

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You have no bigger beef with NC then I have with it myself. We were lured down here by lies from relatives when I was 11, I didn't have much choice in the matter, and I have been stuck here for the past 16 years. My name is a reflection of my identity as a Northerner. My maternal grandfather is a literal definition of a yankee, a baptist whose family moved to NE PA from New England. My politics, my worldview, my ideals are shaped by my connection with and affinity for Pennsylvania.

2018-10-18 07:33:46 UTC  

You call me a homophobe, I voted against NC Amendment 1 in 2012 to ban gay marriage and begged my relatives not to vote for it, they all did. I have spent decades challenging racist attitudes within my own family. I have a close relative who is transgender and I wrote the Federalist Platform plank pledging equality.

2018-10-18 07:36:33 UTC  

You say party organization is racist? I disagree. It gives people a chance to bring their ideas to the table. WE have seen a Atlasia without ideological divisions. It is one big circle jerk, with an in club and out a club. The out club was smeared, slandered and excluded from enjoying the game just because of who they were, and I was one of those people so excluded. By calling for the elimination of people on the right and left, you are have yourself engaged i ndiscriminatory approaches to who is and is not welcome in this game. Whereas I have for 10 years fought back against exclusionists in favor of an open game to all who would participate regardless of any other consideration

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The true racists, the true bigots in this game are those who would close its doors to people who disagree with them. That destroys the game because it stifles debate and strips participation of purpose. I love the challenge of fighting for my principles of market based solutions, local control and an open and expansive game.

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It strengthens the game, gives people a reason to run for a office to vote. This channel is called a "A More Welcoming Atlasia" for a reason. Because in 2014, I inserted a clause into the Federalist Platform that stated, "We believing in an atlasia that is open to all and welcomes all to participate both new and old." The same passage also pledged our party to equality of everyone, regardless of any other consideration.

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Someone should write in Steve-O

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Did you read what Yankee said @Tyler0525

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But he types to much. I like people that can get messages across in short texts, not longass posts

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It’s true

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Well you were not online

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And he had to make sure he conveyed all his thoughts on the issue

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Yea but damn that was a longass post

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Like for real

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He should be able to get his message across in a short message, if he has take a long time to convey a message, is he really worth it?

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Why roll your eyes? I do that a lot, but my left eye is always covered by my hair, so I guess I just roll my eye at people lmao

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Just shut up

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Because you're saying more stupid stuff

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Did you see my PM I sent you?

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I don't care

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When are you gonna let me chat with Yank

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I mean would you vote for him or not

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It depends on his answers to the questions I have for him

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Ok @NCY1689 he wants to speak with you😛

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We will need a moderator. You wanna do it?

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Where’s Yank? Gosh. He can’t even respond to his own citizens

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Also, guys what color should I dye my hair next?

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He's not online rn

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And he should be online