Message from ConceptHut in Sparta #live-stream-chat

2018-10-22 04:22:41 UTC  

he said i distanced myself from kraut before bloodsports started

2018-10-22 04:22:55 UTC  

and he knew Short fat Otaku gave him the information

2018-10-22 04:23:01 UTC  

I didn't hear the bloodsports part.

2018-10-22 04:23:06 UTC  

wait I dont get where the lie is?

2018-10-22 04:23:24 UTC  

I listened to the timecode you talked about.

2018-10-22 04:24:02 UTC  

"other then that I dont hang out with him" doesnt mean he never talked to him

2018-10-22 04:24:15 UTC  

I can talk to people I never usually hang out with

2018-10-22 04:24:28 UTC  

or even severely dislike and distance myself from

2018-10-22 04:24:52 UTC  

Listen from that point.

2018-10-22 04:25:26 UTC  

"It's ages, months before blood sports"

2018-10-22 04:25:39 UTC  

So I heard bloodsports that time.

2018-10-22 04:25:59 UTC  

So they are talking about a different time all together it seems.

2018-10-22 04:26:33 UTC  

Not sure when the kraut tonka audio was recorded that andy played.

2018-10-22 04:27:08 UTC  

that was August

2018-10-22 04:27:28 UTC  

The recording or bloodsports?

2018-10-22 04:28:24 UTC  

the recording

2018-10-22 04:29:01 UTC  

Hm. I'm too confused to be honest.

2018-10-22 04:29:11 UTC  

Not sure exactly what vees part in all this is.

2018-10-22 04:29:16 UTC  

they literally tell Vee they are on a Gay Op and not to tell anyone

2018-10-22 04:29:25 UTC  

Sure, I heard that part.

2018-10-22 04:29:38 UTC  

But was he in on it is the issue.

2018-10-22 04:29:43 UTC  

Him knowing vs him in on it

2018-10-22 04:30:00 UTC  

If he knew, sure, that's not great, but also not his fault they are doing it.

2018-10-22 04:30:21 UTC  


2018-10-22 04:30:47 UTC  

I guess I didn't even catch what the op is that kraut and tonka were planning. Was it the fake child sex smear op against andy?

2018-10-22 04:30:59 UTC  

Or was it about metokur?

2018-10-22 04:31:09 UTC  

Don't think I got in early enough to catch that part.

2018-10-22 04:32:22 UTC  

Hm... were they trying to burn JFG?

2018-10-22 04:32:31 UTC  

Vee says "If you expose him as a child fucker tomorrow he is still going to have his fan base"

2018-10-22 04:32:49 UTC  

So andy then?

2018-10-22 04:32:50 UTC  

he's not wrong

2018-10-22 04:33:07 UTC  

That implies he knew the what the OP was

2018-10-22 04:33:16 UTC  


2018-10-22 04:33:24 UTC  

Ah ok

2018-10-22 04:33:24 UTC  

was who he was talking about

2018-10-22 04:33:35 UTC  

OH That makes sense

2018-10-22 04:33:46 UTC  

Kraut does hate JFG

2018-10-22 04:35:26 UTC  


2018-10-22 04:35:40 UTC  

So they are burning JFG because JFG burned andy?

2018-10-22 04:35:52 UTC  

What a mess lol