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2018-10-01 02:22:42 UTC  

very slow

2018-10-01 02:22:58 UTC  

Yeah, it really pays to have an in with whatever agency you're looking at.

2018-10-01 02:23:55 UTC  

@Logan that is a maze. It’s a shit test, basically.

2018-10-01 02:24:07 UTC  

Just get through it.

2018-10-01 02:24:28 UTC  

agencies like those recruit hard for military personnel... always seeing them around here and FB ads

2018-10-01 02:25:18 UTC  

@Deleted User someday I may get firefighter and emt trained, spending thousands of dollars and months of my full-time attention but that day is not today. Every other job seems to be a shit test as well. I'll keep applying but I won't expect much

2018-10-01 02:25:18 UTC  

@lonewolf19d This is very true. Veterans do get a leg up. And so do VISTA, which is a joke, because VISTA is the shittiest and least hard core of AmeriCorps programs.

2018-10-01 02:25:24 UTC  

If we are talking about jobs, I’m thinking about finishing school and going into office work that isn’t coding related. I live in the center of the city and I’m geared up to LARP as an Urbanite for a while.

2018-10-01 02:25:27 UTC  

State conservation corps don't get preferential, but VISTA do.

2018-10-01 02:25:29 UTC  

What’s a good major?

2018-10-01 02:26:02 UTC  

@Logan that seems to be the case all around. Sadly.

2018-10-01 02:26:44 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA I've heard stats is good. I got a stats degree but I never did the actuarial exams. Those of my friends who did the actuarial exams are making six figures a few years down the road

2018-10-01 02:26:51 UTC  

So I am writing a paper for school, and citing Robert Putnam. It so happens he is trying to walk back his points about diversity in Bowling Alone. Turns out, he married a Jew and converted.

2018-10-01 02:27:03 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA no joke: HR.

2018-10-01 02:27:24 UTC  

lol a white advocate in HR

2018-10-01 02:27:36 UTC  

That’s a real game changer

2018-10-01 02:27:59 UTC  

@Logan stats is it! So much money. Data science.

2018-10-01 02:28:18 UTC  

@Logan I get a lot of advertisements to work for ICE

2018-10-01 02:29:17 UTC  

@Deleted User that sounds right up my alley. It’s nice, straightforward busy work

2018-10-01 02:29:23 UTC  

Seriously look at indeed or glass door. HR, data science are it. Just have to deal with all your favorite characters.

2018-10-01 02:29:49 UTC  

i'm currently transitioning out of the military and i dont think i would like to be in any sort of job that is structured anywhere near the military... planning on taking advantage of apprenticeships paid for by the army, leaning towards hvac/sheet metal/welding and get a chance to choose where i work

2018-10-01 02:29:58 UTC  

You weren’t trolling about HR? Isn’t that diversity industry crap?

2018-10-01 02:30:03 UTC  
2018-10-01 02:30:27 UTC  

I really regret going to college

2018-10-01 02:30:27 UTC  

No I’m not trolling you. It’s good money.

2018-10-01 02:31:04 UTC  

There’s footage of me at plenty of it. Think it’d be an issue?

2018-10-01 02:31:31 UTC  

Yes. And you’re a white dood

2018-10-01 02:32:11 UTC  

The government is utterly inept and therefore waffles between having too many people and not enough. Right now ICE should need people, nonetheless it will be a long process with multiple steps.

2018-10-01 02:32:18 UTC  

Some of us need to get together and start a political firm.

2018-10-01 02:32:38 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA "that guy looks nothing like me. Do I look fat or something?"

2018-10-01 02:32:43 UTC  

that's what I would say

2018-10-01 02:32:45 UTC  

Luckily I never got a hard doxx and I don’t look the same

2018-10-01 02:32:55 UTC  

My advice to younger people would be not to go to college unless you can absolutely afford it

2018-10-01 02:32:58 UTC  

@Jacob where do you see these alleged advertisements?

2018-10-01 02:33:13 UTC  

Instagram lol

2018-10-01 02:33:26 UTC  

I've gotten FBI advertisement, too. But mostly ICE.

2018-10-01 02:33:45 UTC  

@Jacob Same

2018-10-01 02:33:48 UTC  

God, I could do so much cool stuff if I wasn't in college

2018-10-01 02:33:54 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA Sincerely deny everything and feign shock. You were never there.

2018-10-01 02:33:58 UTC  

I have no idea how people say it's the best time of your life