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2018-10-01 21:05:20 UTC  

Dude, all of Kavanaugh's female classmates look like they've spent the last thirty-five years pickling in formaldehyde (bonus Borzum-post below 😎)...

2018-10-01 21:05:22 UTC  

just saw these on the UofU campus.... Can i put some of our flyers next to it ? πŸ˜ƒ

2018-10-01 21:06:17 UTC  

@Grayson Tempting...

2018-10-01 21:06:20 UTC  

we should hijack those designs lol

2018-10-01 21:06:28 UTC  

@Grayson if you do, make sure to send a photo to the school and act outraged so everyone can see their hypocrisy on display

2018-10-01 21:06:49 UTC  

make an identical poster, but with white folk, and put it beside it

2018-10-01 21:06:55 UTC  

i know we should make the same posters but with the picture of a blond haired blue eyed person

2018-10-01 21:07:13 UTC  

@Deleted User LOL we said the same thing

2018-10-01 21:07:35 UTC  

somebody get this man some flyers!

2018-10-01 21:07:36 UTC  

that's why we're both in IE fam 😏

2018-10-01 21:08:06 UTC  

the beauty of being in an organization with like minded individuals.

2018-10-01 21:09:51 UTC  

I was thinking that, whenever we finally become bold enough, we could appropriate the "It's Okay to Be White" t-shirt design, only we'd replace "Be" with "Stay." 😎

2018-10-01 21:10:26 UTC  

Subtle, but provocative.

2018-10-01 21:12:38 UTC  

With an American Flag at the top

2018-10-01 21:14:21 UTC  

We could be like Ian and the PA guys, and take the Betsy Ross pill πŸ‘Œ

2018-10-01 21:17:03 UTC  

Im already committed to putting as much IE history behind my Dads American flag that I had at Nashville.

2018-10-01 21:17:26 UTC

2018-10-01 21:20:32 UTC  

Wait for the second question

2018-10-01 21:20:37 UTC  

It's a few seconds in

2018-10-01 21:23:34 UTC  

OPSEC question

2018-10-01 21:23:34 UTC  

Can an employer get access to your FB messages if you are on their WiFi on your mobile device?

2018-10-01 21:24:06 UTC  

@Undercover Academic - IL no, facebook uses https always

2018-10-01 21:24:15 UTC  

Even on messenger ?

2018-10-01 21:25:01 UTC  

it should

2018-10-01 21:25:25 UTC

2018-10-01 21:25:35 UTC  

theres a way to do it even with https, but its complex and youre employer isnt going to bother. if you get into any trouble for it itll just be for using FB on the job.

2018-10-01 21:25:51 UTC  

"A secure connection is required to connect to Facebook and can't be turned off" @Undercover Academic - IL

2018-10-01 21:28:56 UTC  


2018-10-01 21:29:02 UTC  

how do I make a shopping list?

2018-10-01 21:29:14 UTC  

is it a bad idea to just go in and get whatever is on sale?

2018-10-01 21:29:32 UTC  

yeah, have some idea of what you want/need

2018-10-01 21:30:30 UTC  

@Jacob walk around your house and look for things that are missing/ you want to replace, write them down

2018-10-01 21:30:42 UTC  


2018-10-01 21:30:59 UTC  

the problem with looking for what is missing, is I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to have in the first place

2018-10-01 21:31:00 UTC  

If you buy something on sale that you weren’t going to buy otherwise you didn’t save any money

2018-10-01 21:31:06 UTC  

ya I know

2018-10-01 21:31:25 UTC  

why not meal plan, then you know exactly what you need?

2018-10-01 21:31:33 UTC

2018-10-01 21:31:35 UTC  

but the idea is that I'm gonna need X amount of vegetables, Y amount of meat, etc, so I just buy those amounts when they're on sale

2018-10-01 21:31:44 UTC