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2018-10-02 03:49:16 UTC  

Isn't it crazy to think that there's people who would be shocked if they knew what we believe?

2018-10-02 03:49:59 UTC  

Identitarianism is such a huge part of my identity, so all these people who think they know me don't really know me

2018-10-02 03:50:13 UTC  

Then again, that's not entirely true anymore for me, since I'm pretty open about my beliefs now

2018-10-02 03:50:16 UTC  

The centrist normie would be shocked. the ideological urbanite and (((rootless))) know the stakes and are intentionally playing to demographic ends.

2018-10-02 03:50:27 UTC  

Such knowledge is a legacy of my remnant post-leftism

2018-10-02 03:51:22 UTC  

But it's still crazy to think that out of all the people I talk to in my daily life, so many of them would be shocked if they found out. Many of these people I pass by every day wouldn't be smiling and saying hello if they knew who I am.

2018-10-02 03:52:10 UTC  

@Jacob are you sure? Most people aren't really that political or care that much

2018-10-02 03:52:36 UTC  

I agree with you on that, but there's still people who would freak out

2018-10-02 03:52:38 UTC  

Just say you're not racist, you just think everyone including white people should be treated with respect

2018-10-02 03:52:56 UTC  

It might not be a majority of the population, but it's sizeable

2018-10-02 03:52:57 UTC  

Most people will see you as the good guy

2018-10-02 03:53:03 UTC  

In a healthy society, normal people shouldn't HAVE to care about every political maneuver with a desperate, existential attention.

2018-10-02 03:53:05 UTC  

But, ya, I was surprised at how few people actually care

2018-10-02 03:53:24 UTC  

It is only a society on the edge of crisis that captures the attention of the everyman.

2018-10-02 03:56:02 UTC  

I'm kind of jealous of my retired dad for this reason, he doesn't pay attention to politics except insofar as it effects the stock market and taxes. He's got 6 acres and is retired in a nice quiet town, this stuff won't go seeking him out.

2018-10-02 03:56:33 UTC  

God, I wish I didn't have to care about politics

2018-10-02 03:57:02 UTC  

If I were to work where I grew up though I'd be facing a 60% paycut and a very long commute to work, so I feel a strong economic pull to be in the city

2018-10-02 03:57:07 UTC  

I've always been spergy, so perhaps even in brightest timeline, I always would have payed attention. But I would really perfer to live innawoods and not care.

2018-10-02 03:57:17 UTC  

But I am compelled to care, because things are serious.

2018-10-02 03:58:52 UTC  

The difference between us and someone that is apolitical, is the future won't sneak up on us and smack us in the face, it will them though.

2018-10-02 03:59:17 UTC  

We can at least *try* to do something about the future with our present knowledge.

2018-10-02 03:59:39 UTC  

They will simply be clueless until the world creeps up on them all of a sudden.

2018-10-02 04:00:01 UTC  

We are fighting for the unknowing normie white though. Never abandon them wholly.

2018-10-02 04:00:11 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN That's something I thought about, too. I've accepted that I might never be happy with the state of society. Maybe my real motivation to do this is my fear for what future generations will have to go through.

2018-10-02 04:01:50 UTC  

I've always liked history and I get to live through an interesting albeit disturbing part of it

2018-10-02 04:02:11 UTC  

History is fun to read but not necessarily to experience

2018-10-02 04:02:12 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'm not saying abandon them at all, I'm saying they are just flying through life clueless...until all of a sudden nothing they knew exists anymore.

2018-10-02 04:02:59 UTC  

One proceeds as ever until an obstacle is encountered.

2018-10-02 04:03:22 UTC  

@TylerHess Ya, honestly, if I could choose to live in a different moment in history I wouldn't

2018-10-02 04:07:36 UTC  

@Jacob So said Mosley

2018-10-02 04:07:42 UTC  

I don’t think I could go back to the past knowing this is what happens

2018-10-02 04:09:01 UTC  

Think of it this way- you were born in time to experience one of the strangest, maybe *the* strangest period yet seen in human history. Where we go from here depends on the choices you make today.

2018-10-02 04:10:11 UTC  

We are called to be the fathers of the future, as well. For those of us 30+, our ability to leverage society is limited, but not for our sons.

2018-10-02 04:10:40 UTC  

Strive not for glory, but for the shade of trees not yet grown.

2018-10-02 04:13:36 UTC  

I gave Identity Australia the hottest takes on masks we’ll see if they change their ways

2018-10-02 04:14:20 UTC  


2018-10-02 04:14:20 UTC  

Yeah. Australia's situation is less complicated, I wager. It's a very clear China Vs Anglo-Celtic Australia.

2018-10-02 04:14:41 UTC  

There are Somalis, etc. that get imported. But it's nowhere near as... intersectional... as the american situation

2018-10-02 04:15:22 UTC  

Godspeed Aussies. I love the Convict Report podcast.

2018-10-02 04:15:26 UTC  

And Wang show

2018-10-02 04:17:25 UTC  

Hilariously, I recall some Convict Report episode that recalled some stand-off between the China Shills and Israel Shills in their senate