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2018-10-03 00:02:36 UTC  

Do it man.

2018-10-03 00:02:46 UTC  

They won't let you in.

2018-10-03 00:02:46 UTC  

@Clayton_H_ATX fliering is really fun. It's like being a secret agent.

2018-10-03 00:02:55 UTC  

Too low of a BMI

2018-10-03 00:02:59 UTC  

@Logan man I bet when they get drunk the bad optics posting gets out of hand

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2018-10-03 00:03:16 UTC  

@Deleted User I will eat the cheesecakes. I will drink the beers

2018-10-03 00:03:16 UTC  

I’m a former navy guy, but I hang with all Marines, they were pissed about the shit on campus today.

2018-10-03 00:03:19 UTC  

Yeah Logan you gotta get the dad bod first

2018-10-03 00:03:48 UTC  

Anything below a ten minute mile and you’re not allowed in the Oathkeepers

2018-10-03 00:03:48 UTC  

Pretty big forest fire by my house

2018-10-03 00:03:50 UTC  

@Sam Anderson yea lmao. They are probably way worse optics than NSM after three O'douls

2018-10-03 00:03:59 UTC  

Police did a level 2 evacuation

2018-10-03 00:04:26 UTC  

The amount you spend on overpriced tacticool gear is directly related to your BF%. Just threeper things

2018-10-03 00:04:35 UTC  

Fire planes keep flying super low over my head

2018-10-03 00:04:41 UTC  

few know this

2018-10-03 00:06:23 UTC  

When you spend 20 thousand dollars on prepping and survival gear, but can't run a mile to save your life.

Just threeper things

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2018-10-03 00:06:51 UTC  

I actually lost a ton of weight after I got out due to no more stress or circadian rhythm disruption.

2018-10-03 00:08:15 UTC  

Yeah really when some Boomer says there is gonna be some civil war soon, just ask: “ when was the last time you went to the gym or rucked 10 miles”

2018-10-03 00:09:04 UTC  

@Deleted User >boomers have ten guns valued at over $2k each and don't own a single night vision device
Very cheap stuff for what it gives you

2018-10-03 00:09:32 UTC  

When I see people who have tried to make fun of the sopranos make sopranos jokes in this chat. Disgraceful

2018-10-03 00:09:34 UTC  

link is to a mid-priced NVG set^ no need to click

2018-10-03 00:10:28 UTC  

I recently had a boomer show me night scope video of him killing stuff in his yard.

2018-10-03 00:10:38 UTC  

boomers are a strange race.

2018-10-03 00:11:44 UTC  

night fighting ability is almost always overlooked by 3%ers "bro I got a surefire" @Logan

2018-10-03 00:11:46 UTC  

I will never understand the boomer. This I have come to accept.

2018-10-03 00:12:28 UTC  

Haha. @ophiuchus at least they’re not chopping there junk off and insisting on being called zer.

2018-10-03 00:12:36 UTC  

@Louis Loire - NY if I ever need to use any tacticool equipment it will 99.9% assuredly be to 1) observe something/somebody 2) bolt into the bushes like a pussycat

2018-10-03 00:13:37 UTC  

“So there I was on a rented yacht with some buddies, light beer, and some girls we picked up over in saint croix...”
“That’s really great but can you please get back to how to discount preferred stock, Professor”

2018-10-03 00:13:54 UTC  

Trump on the attack against Blumenthal lmao. Jews really don't like people going on the counterstrike

2018-10-03 00:14:24 UTC  

Blumenthal has a record almost as accomplished as Eli Mosley (peace be upon him)

2018-10-03 00:14:47 UTC  

Ouch haha

2018-10-03 00:14:47 UTC  

When you have more punisher stickers with an American Flag motif on your truck than pushups you can perform.

*Just threeper things.*

2018-10-03 00:15:14 UTC  

“Professor that’s exactly how you get #metooed but can you please get on with it we’ve been here for an hour”

2018-10-03 00:16:09 UTC  

That threeper documentary was the same kind of rednecks drinking beer and smoking cigs while shooting guns as the NSM in the White Right documentary. One just is explicit about being racist, to a stupid degree.

2018-10-03 00:16:13 UTC  

My parents bought a new house and are currently moving in. My dad took a cot over there to sleep on the porch.

2018-10-03 00:16:22 UTC  

Boomers are an endlessly confusing race

2018-10-03 00:16:30 UTC