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2018-10-03 05:00:46 UTC  

People keep posting the things I was saying directly above my posts. You guys gotta stop doing that. 😬

2018-10-03 05:01:20 UTC  

IE hivemind

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2018-10-03 05:01:42 UTC  

This is a conspiracy.

2018-10-03 05:02:37 UTC  

Oh ditto to what

2018-10-03 05:02:43 UTC  

Sorry I was laundry

2018-10-03 05:07:40 UTC  

Hi laundry I'm [Redacted]. 😀

I was saying ditto to the Alabama people like Israel and her people way too much.

2018-10-03 05:09:46 UTC  

Oh god yeah

2018-10-03 05:10:05 UTC  

It’s so frustrating

2018-10-03 05:10:55 UTC  

My aunt (who’s basically a fundie) literally says “we are going to be judged for how poorly we treat Israel”

2018-10-03 05:11:58 UTC  

Literally what

2018-10-03 05:16:03 UTC  

I just kinda tune it out

2018-10-03 05:16:16 UTC  

A lot of people just. Say things that don’t mean anything.

2018-10-03 05:16:25 UTC  

*She speaks, but says nothing*

2018-10-03 05:21:51 UTC  

"I'm so glad we moved the capital of Israel! This is just as good as a wall ya know? Make literally anywhere else great again!"

2018-10-03 05:22:39 UTC  

MLAEGA for short.

2018-10-03 05:27:25 UTC  

The Talmud was written between 200 and 500 AD. And Christ Himself called the Pharisees "sons of the devil."

2018-10-03 05:27:50 UTC  

The Church is the new, true Israel

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2018-10-03 06:00:17 UTC  

"We are God's chosen people." 🤓

"According to his son you are not." 😋

2018-10-03 11:02:54 UTC  

Trump has done a lot of good

2018-10-03 11:09:23 UTC  

Rise & grind IE

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2018-10-03 12:13:21 UTC  

Identity Skrrrtvropa

2018-10-03 12:13:45 UTC  

Can anyone here draw **very** well in a cartooney style (or know someone who can)

2018-10-03 12:13:48 UTC  

NOT anime.

2018-10-03 12:18:13 UTC  

@fgtveassassin "I think there *are* real differences between the genders that are real, and biological, and are verifiable. They're reflected in DNA. We don't believe that about *race*, though, do we? Do we think that certain races have more wisdom, or more honesty than others..." <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-03 12:18:41 UTC  

*Cue Enoch voice: "Uhhhhh, like... Low-key..."

2018-10-03 12:23:51 UTC  

"Studies have shown that a 10% increase in workforce diversity results in a 1% increase in productivity..." 🤔

2018-10-03 12:24:05 UTC  

...said no economically literate person EVER.

2018-10-03 12:24:38 UTC  

...and I about crapped myself when she admitted outright that diversity was "no White men."

2018-10-03 12:24:48 UTC  

These people, I swear...

2018-10-03 12:27:02 UTC  

Say what you will about Cronkite and co.; I can't help but feel increasingly that Tucker Carlson may well be the best anchor in the history of televised news.

2018-10-03 12:55:15 UTC  

@Bjorn - MD How do you respond to the claim that diversity brings more productivity?

2018-10-03 13:06:23 UTC  

@sigruna14 my response is that if the study is true then that we no longer need affirmative action to incentivize hiring non-white men

2018-10-03 13:06:40 UTC  

I'd say, if diversity brought with it more productivity, then the most diverse Nations like Nigeria or Haiti, would be economic powerhouses

2018-10-03 13:14:11 UTC  

Good old Japan is the counter example. not diverse. Very productive

2018-10-03 13:16:39 UTC  

I white knight so much for Japan I feel like Uncle Jared. Or a weeb

2018-10-03 13:17:48 UTC  

What can I say? It's a nice place. Though I didn't belong there permanently, of course.

2018-10-03 13:18:38 UTC  

Japan is my go to for a lot of positive arguments, Mexico for negative arguments

2018-10-03 13:18:44 UTC  

Man I had an opportunity to go 8 years ago, I wish I had taken it.