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2018-10-03 16:04:14 UTC  

@Sherlock That's a good thing to be honest, our messages become more passive than anything

2018-10-03 16:04:43 UTC  

I'd say the <#359019439116648458> section proves people notice the logo just fine...

2018-10-03 16:04:44 UTC  

The dangerous thing with attracting normie-tier people, is that we would be heavily watered down

2018-10-03 16:04:46 UTC  

But like i said i think we’re probably better off just keeping what we have

2018-10-03 16:05:01 UTC  

The dragons eye is an essential part of our brand

2018-10-03 16:05:35 UTC  

@Sherlock It's simple and recognisable, what a symbol should be.

2018-10-03 16:05:46 UTC  

Easy to draw as well

2018-10-03 16:06:05 UTC  

It isnt more essential than the name. It makes much more sense to change the logo to reflect new focus than to change the namr

2018-10-03 16:06:22 UTC  

Really easy to produce on flyers, edit on software, etc

2018-10-03 16:06:58 UTC  

It’s boring and nobody will ever remember it much less know that it’s a meaningful symbol

2018-10-03 16:07:10 UTC  

For all you christians the Chi Rho is a pretty cool symbol too just FYI

2018-10-03 16:07:21 UTC  

The whole point of a symbol is to be somewhat eyecatching and memorable

2018-10-03 16:07:49 UTC  

One IE member I know has a tattoo of it over his heart it's pretty badass

2018-10-03 16:08:17 UTC  

@Procella Eques Always found that symbol nice, something about it is a novelty

2018-10-03 16:08:49 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo it has a lot of overlapping symbolism with egyptian pharoahs too, which I think is intentional

2018-10-03 16:09:18 UTC  

@Sherlock Why do you think it's boring? Could you provide an example that would be less boring and more aesthetic ?

2018-10-03 16:09:31 UTC  

I like the logo haha

2018-10-03 16:09:46 UTC  

I think its pretty sweet

2018-10-03 16:10:01 UTC  

It’s boring because it’s a triangle

2018-10-03 16:10:30 UTC  

As far as a better one, idk. We’d have to think of something

2018-10-03 16:10:33 UTC  

I disagree with alot of the sentiments expressed in the past hour.

Identity Evropa, is pretty difficult to express exactly who we are and what we are about. Even an elevator pitch (~30) to someone about Identity Evropa leaves them with more questions than answers. "Europa... but this is America" "Why not american identity?" "What's with the triangle" "What's with the 'V'" People just don't *get it*. We should seek to be a mainstream movement. Having a familiar and normal name, color scheme and symbolism go a long way to normalizing our views. We have to move past the "Evropean Neitzchian/Faustian esoteric racialist club" mindset.

Additionally, there are things we want to move away from. A new org would provide some distance from our founder (he's a great man who put his mark on the universe, and I think we all understand the nuance of his situation, but let's call it what it is) "A felon convicted of a hate crime who became aware of white Identity via a book by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke"

That's not to mention comments by a one Eli Mosley, espousing literal exterminationist rhetoric and lying about his military record.

That's not to mention Charlottesville.

In summary, I think Identity Evropa sounds weird and decidedly foreign to an American ear. Additionally some of these really cursed associations will always plague Identity Evropa - perhaps less so with a new org.

2018-10-03 16:12:13 UTC  

So you're saying we need to be something more like "The Minutemen"

2018-10-03 16:12:25 UTC  

I should have prefaced - this is MY personal opinion, not the opinion of leadership as a whole. We have not come to a consensus on the matter. Rigorous debate on serious issues is pretty healthy IMO, so keep it coming.

2018-10-03 16:12:29 UTC  

or something more foundationally American?

2018-10-03 16:12:40 UTC  

Just more american in general

2018-10-03 16:12:55 UTC  

"The Tea Party" was a pretty good one as an example

2018-10-03 16:14:09 UTC  

Several people are typing...

2018-10-03 16:14:14 UTC  

We still need to convey that we are an organization explicitly for white people

2018-10-03 16:14:35 UTC  

My problem with us becoming more, "American" is the question of: What will make us different from other American-advocating orgs? the term, 'American' to most normies, has negative connotation to it, people can easily say, "What about the blacks or the Chinese?" They could also use ol'reliable, "America is the melting pot!"

2018-10-03 16:14:47 UTC  

@Deleted User I think potentially rebranding is better than forming a new organization and we should keep the dragons eye logo. But maybe change our name to something more American like Identity Columbia and change the color scheme to red, white and blue.

2018-10-03 16:15:22 UTC  

If they look at us, and compare us to a civ-nat group... it would be easy for a normie to dismiss us as other, 'specifically American' groups who also wanted to keep, 'America American'

They would prefer the civ-nat group instead

2018-10-03 16:15:59 UTC  

If we were to Americanize our aesthetics we would need a motta to go with the logo and name that conveys we are explicitly white

2018-10-03 16:16:10 UTC  

And yeah what would differentiate us from TPUSA

2018-10-03 16:17:17 UTC  

Also, I think brand and name recognition are very important. This would toss a lot of that away, it’s like changing your name and avatar online lmao

2018-10-03 16:17:42 UTC  

I'm in agreement that a name change ends up making us look like milktoast civnats <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-10-03 16:18:08 UTC  

"America" =/= white to a vast majority of people now imho

2018-10-03 16:18:24 UTC  

We're already doing so incredibly well with what we have, I think changing any of our progress would hurt more than it would do good for us. All the problems we're facing right now, is due to bad mistakes from recent leadership, but our name has not been necessarily tainted, at all either.

If we *DID* change our name, what's stopping the SPLC and ADL listing us as another "Evil white supremacist Nazi" group? It makes the loss of social capital useless, we would lose FAR more than we would potentially gain

2018-10-03 16:18:47 UTC  

@NateDahl76 "European roots, American greatness."

2018-10-03 16:18:57 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo or just labeling us "formerly Identity Evropa"

2018-10-03 16:19:05 UTC  

...though we'd probably lose that with the rebrand.

2018-10-03 16:19:53 UTC  

To be fair, we do a pretty good job at not being labeled "Former National Youth Front"