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2018-10-03 17:18:26 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo baggage certainly could, but it would be harder - again just one of many, many reasons to make a new org.

2018-10-03 17:18:39 UTC  

We don't have enough influence to reclaim anything right now

2018-10-03 17:18:48 UTC  

We need to reclaim influence first

2018-10-03 17:19:04 UTC  

@Deleted User I get what you're saying, but no matter what we call ourselves we'll be labeled supremacists by the ADL/SPLC. There is no way to be part of any pro-white organization without the risk of losing friends, family, career, etc. Hopefully that changes at some point, and I think it will as white identity politics inevitably gains steam, but a new name won't drastically alter how we're viewed

2018-10-03 17:19:09 UTC  

I don't mind using the Civnats as a PR shield. Plausible deniability can be a good thing.

2018-10-03 17:19:31 UTC  

@John Riggs I agree with this

2018-10-03 17:19:37 UTC  

Some like to claim that Mexico is part of North America. Personally, I can't help but perceive it as an ethnocultural boundary, rather than a geographical one. Technically, the Americas are all one continent anyway, so it's otherwise ultimately arbitrary...

2018-10-03 17:19:52 UTC  

GI is like half civnats half our guys

2018-10-03 17:19:55 UTC  

@TMatthews It absolutely will. The ADL can call us whatever they like, but unless they have some manner of evidence, their claims fall short. Right now they can DIRECTLY tie us to David Duke, and a leader who glorified killing minorities and the nazification of america - they don't even have to lie.

2018-10-03 17:19:58 UTC  

@Deleted User I understand, and see your points 👍

2018-10-03 17:20:04 UTC  

Oh, sorry. I'm still in the bastardized Spanish convo 😂

2018-10-03 17:20:22 UTC  

Identity America or something similar isn't really a *bad* name, but it definitely doesn't have the same appeal

2018-10-03 17:20:52 UTC  

I've tossed out "American Identity Movement"

2018-10-03 17:20:53 UTC  

I just want White Americans to wake up and have a home for themselves, nothing else matters to me at this point except to get a home for us, safely, effectively, and efficiently

2018-10-03 17:20:58 UTC  

@John Riggs Problem is when it becomes so deniable that our guys don't even apply

2018-10-03 17:20:59 UTC  

Donth thpeak that bathterdithed thpanith. Thpeak cathtilliano

2018-10-03 17:21:00 UTC  

Lots of good suggestions out there

2018-10-03 17:21:52 UTC  

@Deleted User We're part of a group exclusively for non-Semitic whites. That alone is enough to earn us the "neo-nazi" label in the eyes of most people. Unless you change fundamental policy/ideology, I don't think the name change does much, and the kinds of changes that would require are very much in the civnat direction unfortunately

2018-10-03 17:22:57 UTC  

It's a fine line but shouldn't be impossible to dog whistle to our guys while still remaining 'family friendly' to the general public

2018-10-03 17:23:04 UTC  

>Semitic Whites... 😏

2018-10-03 17:23:09 UTC  

To be entirely honest, I think taking a more populist or American Nationalist rhetoric would yield far more results. Rebranding and aligning ourselves with the Tucker Carlsons and the Anne Coulters will immediately get us more air time and relatively more positive media coverage. I think We would also increase our base significantly. Giving these Trump movement types who are really too edgy for Republicans but not wignats a home gives us places to grow and mold a movement. In all honesty and I mean this with great respect, I'm not sure how much passion such an academic term and concept like Identitarian means to a patriotic right wing American with tangible problems we can help Solve. We can be Identitarians and care about identity, but creating a movement based on identity doesn't do as much as acting on it. The Trump Movement is a pretty untapped grassroots resource we could tap into hard with a solid rebrand and slight transition of rhetoric.

2018-10-03 17:23:51 UTC  

A change to American Identity Movement or something like that wouldn't be a big deal either way, I think, so long as we can maintain a unique brand (identitarianism)

2018-10-03 17:24:57 UTC  

Not saying I want a rebrand of any sorts... but if we ever do rebrand, I'd hope our vetting process is still top notch.

2018-10-03 17:24:58 UTC  

@Kingfish Yeah, but we also have to be cognizant of the fact that Queen Ann and Tucker are, at least in part, lagging indicators of the headway that we make, so long as we don't screw up.

2018-10-03 17:25:44 UTC  

@Kingfish When does that "slight transition of rhetoric" land us as full on civnats 10 years down the line though?

2018-10-03 17:26:36 UTC  

Also we should just move the overton window far enough where **WE** are the only sensible option, not the other way around

2018-10-03 17:26:51 UTC  

We don't have to be Identitarian spergs, but if we lose our vision and mission (ever so slowly), what was the point?

2018-10-03 17:27:05 UTC  

I don't think we'd lose anything.

2018-10-03 17:27:11 UTC  

The slippery slope is real for all things.

2018-10-03 17:27:21 UTC  

Tucker is able to talk about race as much as he does specifically by framing it as "the left is obsessed with race and we should all just be individuals"
As a group built around a collective identity, we can't do that without giving up the essence of what we stand for

2018-10-03 17:27:36 UTC  

Daaang... Random aside, but check out GI, uppin' their flyer game... (Translation: "This is Christoph Heusgen, 'your' traitor at the UN. In 'your name,' he will sign the 'Migration Pact' on 12/11. That means the following: Opening for ...244 million migrants, free entry into the social [security] system for migrants, sanctions for 'intolerant' critics,' etc., etc.")

2018-10-03 17:28:46 UTC  

@TMatthews Again, you're very hung up on "the media" and "labeling" - Right now they can DIRECTLY tie us to David Duke, and a leader who glorified killing minorities and the nazification of america - they don't even have to lie - why make their job easy? Trump has been defamed as a "Fascist" a "Nazi" and God knows what else. Why does that claim not stick with him? Because they have no evidence (also he's not). Seeing that we too are neither of these things, it's not unreasonable to think that we have a chance at a more charitable reception, if not with the media, then the American public.

And again, for the fifth or sixth time, the way we are labeled by the media ranks pretty low on a reason for a rebrand, but it's still a net benefit in my mind.

2018-10-03 17:29:24 UTC  

@TMatthews We wouldn't change our idealogy, just our aesthetics so we can distance ourselves from mistakes made in the past.

2018-10-03 17:29:24 UTC  

I'm in no way saying we drop our mission. I'm Saying americans don't want to be preached about the meta political concept of Collective identity. But they want to hear "OUT OUT OUT" and "BUILD THE WALL". They want hard rhetoric that is explicitly Nationalist and *implicitly* Identitarian.

2018-10-03 17:31:13 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD with proper vetting, we'd still ensure the people being accepted are pro-white

2018-10-03 17:31:24 UTC  

The left completely seized our institutions by the implementation of leftist theory. Did they tell us this? No. They said "peace and love" all the way to the bank.

2018-10-03 17:31:26 UTC  

@Deleted User It's not just the media. Try explaining why we don't allow Jews to the ordinary conservative who hates "the fake news MSM" and they won't be convinced. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that so long as we remain a white gentile exclusive organization they will have evidence enough to justify their definitions

2018-10-03 17:31:50 UTC  

Honestly, American identity never really appealed to me growing up. By the time I was born, this country was already subverted and I was taught that America = diversity. I know that that isn't true, but it was hard to get that image out of my mind. I just don't feel any sentimental attachment to the flag and that kind of stuff. I don't mean to offend anyone who does have that, but it's just not something I could develop after going to a minority white high school and being taught for 13 years that the flag symbolizes diversity. I'm sure a lot of younger guys could relate to what I'm saying.

I was excited when I found posters for this group 2 years ago because it was finally something about *European*-American identity. It was such a relief.

2018-10-03 17:32:58 UTC  

As someone Deeply attached to my Italian heritage as well, I can agree. But I think the unfortunate truth is that it's simply not how most Americans think

2018-10-03 17:33:09 UTC  

I think we can still promote an explicit bond between Euro-Americans, if we word it properly. I don't think anyone really wants to be in heterogenous social circles, they just know they aren't allowed admit it.

2018-10-03 17:33:09 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Slippery slope fallacy, it would be aesthetic, not ideaological. By the same logic you could say, not embracing a swastika logo will make us civnats 15 years down the line