Message from Rebics in Nick Fuentes Server #general

2018-05-07 05:14:49 UTC  

if he goes on vc i'll fuck him up

2018-05-07 05:14:57 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:15:02 UTC  

10k members in a discord? Wtf

2018-05-07 05:15:06 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:15:14 UTC  

I want a bright green and orange ar15

2018-05-07 05:15:20 UTC  

There is a tranny nsfw channel in destinys discord

2018-05-07 05:15:23 UTC  

And an anume nsfe

2018-05-07 05:15:27 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:15:30 UTC

2018-05-07 05:15:33 UTC  

Absolutelt fucking disgusting

2018-05-07 05:15:33 UTC  

what is this channel

2018-05-07 05:15:34 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:15:36 UTC  

The nickers would demolish all of destiny's fans. Even if were outnumbered 5 to 1.

2018-05-07 05:15:37 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:15:48 UTC  

I would shitpost so hard in ther

2018-05-07 05:15:55 UTC  

Orban is such a weasel, he sells out the country economically but goes populist on immigration to stay in power

2018-05-07 05:16:11 UTC  

Rebics post physiqye

2018-05-07 05:16:32 UTC  

keeping your country white > economics

2018-05-07 05:16:48 UTC  

hundreds of thousands of young hungarians have left

2018-05-07 05:16:50 UTC  

it's bad

2018-05-07 05:16:51 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:16:52 UTC  

imagine thinking jackin off to the homies is gay

2018-05-07 05:16:59 UTC  

he is keeping his country white and christian

2018-05-07 05:17:04 UTC  

so he is also putting god first

2018-05-07 05:17:06 UTC  

what a chad

2018-05-07 05:17:36 UTC  

The amendment could increase the rift between Orbán and the European Union, as it also states that the country will reject any EU rules or policies that could radically change the ethnic makeup of the country or infringe Hungary’s territorial borders.

2018-05-07 05:17:52 UTC  

Destinys discord has decent trap images tbh

2018-05-07 05:17:52 UTC  

yknow rebics, you breadpill and blaze all have the same excuse. "Im not posting physique cause its gay" nah man using that excuse is gay

2018-05-07 05:18:01 UTC  

The Hungarian leader announced his new plans in a radio broadcast on Friday, saying: “We are building a Christian democracy. An old-fashioned Christian democracy whose roots are in the European tradition,

2018-05-07 05:18:05 UTC  

if you look like shit you look like shit man

2018-05-07 05:18:16 UTC  

Bob, you dont even have a role HA!

2018-05-07 05:18:18 UTC  

u gay nibba

2018-05-07 05:18:35 UTC  


2018-05-07 05:18:40 UTC

2018-05-07 05:18:44 UTC  

>when the catboy tries to neg the whitename masterace

2018-05-07 05:19:08 UTC  

white names are the most chad people on the server

2018-05-07 05:19:12 UTC

2018-05-07 05:19:13 UTC  

imagine not wanting the greatest colour ever

2018-05-07 05:19:16 UTC  

He literally sold out the working class and rural folks to multinational corporations and then co-opted everything Jobbik was saying on immigration

2018-05-07 05:19:33 UTC  

idc about that

2018-05-07 05:19:33 UTC  

I like a lot of what he's been saying and doing too but unfortunately he has a bad side