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2017-04-05 02:07:01 UTC  

Weebs fuck off

2017-04-05 02:08:40 UTC  

You guys... I did a thing...

2017-04-05 02:09:11 UTC

2017-04-05 02:12:16 UTC  


2017-04-05 02:13:02 UTC  

taylor/ mike john: Now put your lags on my sholders

2017-04-05 02:16:53 UTC  

When will this forced meme fucking die?!?!?!

2017-04-05 02:21:03 UTC  

just wathed re:zero episode 18

2017-04-05 02:21:07 UTC  

this is aids

2017-04-05 02:21:26 UTC  

mfw "i love emilia"

2017-04-05 02:22:27 UTC  


2017-04-05 02:22:47 UTC  

>watching that cancerous show

2017-04-05 02:23:32 UTC  

I need another feels trainwreck since Re:Zero isn't emotionally destructive

2017-04-05 02:25:33 UTC  

taylor/ mike john: Look grate

2017-04-05 02:26:09 UTC  

I'm starting to think getting a Pepsi Man suit and going to May Day is the best idea I've ever had

2017-04-05 02:28:37 UTC  

re life gets good

2017-04-05 02:28:43 UTC  

emilia is cancer though

2017-04-05 02:30:24 UTC  

I loved re:life

2017-04-05 02:30:41 UTC  

it was a good slice of life anime that meant something

2017-04-05 02:30:48 UTC  

I'm hoping for S2

2017-04-05 02:31:36 UTC  

Youre all getting weaboo roles, all of you. then its off to the gas chambers

2017-04-05 02:35:48 UTC  

God I hate most Canadains

2017-04-05 02:42:23 UTC  
2017-04-05 02:42:24 UTC  

:fire: Failed to get search results.

2017-04-05 02:43:00 UTC  

/play shut the fuck up filthy frank ear rape

2017-04-05 02:43:09 UTC  

Added Shut the fuck up Filthy frank Ear rape to the queue.

2017-04-05 02:43:44 UTC  

Holy shit pol has gone to shit since april first

2017-04-05 02:44:04 UTC  

And thats like compared to what it was March 31st.

2017-04-05 02:47:15 UTC  

I miss skyking threads

2017-04-05 02:47:39 UTC  


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2017-04-05 02:47:59 UTC  

@weiner salad Holy shit Uganda is based

2017-04-05 02:48:49 UTC  

When there was a shill thread with a crap argument, you would atleast have a BTFO in the first 10 posts. Now you just have a bunch of Reddit tier counter arguements.

2017-04-05 02:50:06 UTC  

Like its one thing to bump a shill thread but destroy their arguement. Its another thing to bump a shill thread and make their argument look good because you post a crap counter arguement.

2017-04-05 02:50:08 UTC  

yeah the april fools hurt /pol/

2017-04-05 02:50:16 UTC  

we're going to have to flee to /mlpol/

2017-04-05 02:50:21 UTC  


2017-04-05 02:50:26 UTC  

That's what I am doing

2017-04-05 02:50:36 UTC  

until 8pol come back up

2017-04-05 02:50:36 UTC  

@James_Coney - LA That fucking Barack Obama Back Off Sign. based AF