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2018-10-05 21:02:45 UTC  

Or did one of you radicalize the other?

2018-10-05 21:02:57 UTC  

Nah, met him a couple months before joining and got him to join after I did

2018-10-05 21:03:32 UTC  

nice job

2018-10-05 21:05:15 UTC  

Thank! He’s really smart and good optics

2018-10-05 21:08:23 UTC  

Sen. Steve Daines, R-Montana is going to be absent tomorrow....

2018-10-05 21:08:52 UTC  

Could crash everything if one flips

2018-10-05 21:13:56 UTC  

Who's reorganising the sub channels, lol

2018-10-05 21:15:37 UTC  

Probably Matt

2018-10-05 21:15:38 UTC  


2018-10-05 21:19:08 UTC  

This is probably a good time to remind @everyone who is social media savvy to please follow Identity Evropa on all our social media.

Telegram (our newest):

Help spread our reach far and wide.

2018-10-05 21:19:40 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN How does this guy justify being gone during the most important vote he'll ever make in that job?????????????????????

2018-10-05 21:20:09 UTC  

And he'll get a pension for the rest of his life... <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-05 21:20:28 UTC  

He'll be there for the vote. Another senator is giving him a plane.

2018-10-05 21:21:52 UTC  

> supposedly getting off Discord soon
> makes new Discord channel

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2018-10-05 21:24:06 UTC  

if only we could buy discord

2018-10-05 21:24:11 UTC  


2018-10-05 21:26:21 UTC

2018-10-05 21:27:17 UTC  

hey can anyone on Predictit explain to me buying/selling "no" shares for 49 or fewer votes for BK?

2018-10-05 21:27:23 UTC  

Do you guys get targeted ads based on political things you look up. Like I'm pretty sure Amazon thinks I'm Jewish now and they are sending me obscure kosher eating utensils.

2018-10-05 21:27:56 UTC  

how much are they? @Goose

2018-10-05 21:28:12 UTC  

Amazon knows the truth @micbwilli 😏

2018-10-05 21:28:22 UTC  

now you can do a birthright trip!

2018-10-05 21:28:30 UTC  

i bought them a while back @Shwa but i didn't know if i should sell off now or wait till the market closes

2018-10-05 21:28:35 UTC  

it doesn't list any payout

2018-10-05 21:29:16 UTC  

oic not sure how that works... I used bovada

2018-10-05 21:30:18 UTC  

i thought that was a new version of "bofa" for a sec

2018-10-05 21:35:36 UTC  

@Matthias The new *<#497878998949429249>* channel is a very, very nice addition, thank you guys!

2018-10-05 21:38:10 UTC  

Eh, Palin quit halfway through a term as governor of the third least-populous state. Not too impressive. But if she wants to redeem herself I am open to listening.

2018-10-05 21:38:30 UTC  
2018-10-05 21:39:24 UTC  

Is the vote tomorrow or today?

2018-10-05 21:40:16 UTC  


2018-10-05 21:40:37 UTC  

The channel is a personal want of mine and I will update it on a frequent basis with new posts from Telegram, IG, YT, etc. Topics will not be current political events per se, but will be more focused on the progress and development of various orgs, interviews, events, and theory of growth, etc.

2018-10-05 21:40:46 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Daines gave Trump his word he would be there and Trump said something about it being a solid promise from a trustworthy guy. It's not a worry.

2018-10-05 21:40:58 UTC  

looks like the reps have secured 50+ votes tho based on public statements made by the moderates

2018-10-05 21:41:02 UTC  

@micbwilli Hope you are right

2018-10-05 21:41:49 UTC  

I read the statement earlier, but can't find it now.

2018-10-05 21:42:03 UTC  

he'll be there

2018-10-05 21:42:08 UTC  

Dude, this whole thing is a total shitshow

2018-10-05 21:42:18 UTC  

they have a private jet ready