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2017-04-09 21:34:53 UTC

2017-04-09 21:43:30 UTC  

Quality shield porn.

2017-04-09 21:49:17 UTC  

I wish i could go

2017-04-09 21:49:26 UTC  

those shields look sexy as fuck

2017-04-09 21:55:59 UTC  

can i get an invite for here please?

2017-04-09 22:02:46 UTC  

Thank you, thank you. You are all welcome to the Templar family rally point house

2017-04-09 22:07:32 UTC  


2017-04-09 22:08:51 UTC  

I have a guy in california that just joined our discord. I think he would fit in great here too. Plz link me an invite to here for him.

2017-04-09 22:22:32 UTC  

Awesome shield, Deus. Are you gonna be Berkeley? Hopefully I see you there! Working on travel now.

2017-04-09 22:22:59 UTC

2017-04-09 22:23:28 UTC

2017-04-09 22:29:41 UTC

2017-04-09 22:32:08 UTC  

@SalMundy-MI We should meet up! @Templar-CA says a couple hours before the rally

2017-04-09 22:33:13 UTC  

@TexasVet Where in Cali is your dude from?

2017-04-09 22:33:16 UTC  

There's a rally today?

2017-04-09 22:33:33 UTC  

that tweet is hilarious

2017-04-09 22:33:51 UTC  

I'm in MI now but I'm talking to a couple of people here that may sponsee me to fly out there on the 14th. If the stars align, I'd love to meet up!

2017-04-09 22:33:52 UTC  

@@Wrathsalts Nah, Saturday for us here in NorCal

2017-04-09 22:34:01 UTC  

she can barely read off a cue card but she can type "its time to punish the children killers"

2017-04-09 22:34:14 UTC  

He said an hour from berkeley.

2017-04-09 22:34:31 UTC  

When you see loadedbrush ask him. hes comin on here soon.

2017-04-09 22:34:36 UTC  

>also 5 year old in syria has twitter

2017-04-09 22:35:06 UTC  

Not anymore they blew that kid to shit

2017-04-09 22:35:39 UTC  

>syrian child follows richard spencer on twitter

2017-04-09 22:35:50 UTC  

@SalMundy-MI Ooohhh gotcha! That'd be rad! Just find @Templar-CA and I from our shields and Pepe flag.
Also, he says fuck you.

2017-04-09 22:36:18 UTC  

Will do!

2017-04-09 22:37:18 UTC  
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2017-04-09 22:51:52 UTC

2017-04-09 22:52:14 UTC  

The situation isn't as bad as it seems

2017-04-09 22:52:47 UTC  

art of the deal in progresss

2017-04-09 22:53:07 UTC  

i hope so

2017-04-09 22:53:16 UTC  

but the tweet was funny af

2017-04-09 22:53:29 UTC  

i like it when shills get called out

2017-04-09 22:53:39 UTC  

which tweet, just woke up?

2017-04-09 22:53:52 UTC  

just scroll up a bit

2017-04-09 22:54:00 UTC  

i posted a richard spencer tweet

2017-04-09 22:54:36 UTC  

totally thought you were responding to me lol

2017-04-09 22:55:00 UTC  

kek, that might the first time he's said something smart

2017-04-09 23:05:43 UTC  

Stickman put out a video listing his gear