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2018-10-08 01:57:53 UTC  

Fact check: true

2018-10-08 01:58:33 UTC  

I didn't know they were pro-drug though. Guess it's not surprising given the libertarian lean, but excessive drinking is bad enough

2018-10-08 01:59:04 UTC  

I have faith that groups like the PB are slowly gravitating towards our side, and will eventually begin to take themselves, and the general nationalist movement, much more seriously.

2018-10-08 02:00:09 UTC  

Every day, the left proves that it is waging an all out war on whites and increasing this will force people to take their own side

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2018-10-08 02:00:53 UTC  

they are so openly anti-white, my civnat friends are noticing

2018-10-08 02:00:58 UTC  

If anything, the PB can be our shock troops (distract antifa) while we actually do the real work and restore Western Civilization back to health.

2018-10-08 02:01:06 UTC  

some are even noticing a (((trend))) of where it's coming from

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2018-10-08 02:01:44 UTC  

yeah, they are the real racists!

2018-10-08 02:01:49 UTC  

see, we all get it... 😉

2018-10-08 02:07:39 UTC  

I'm shocked PBs would tolerate drugs because that's either 1 . funding mexican drug cartels, who of the invaders are the absolute worse or 2. giving money to 'legal' pot suppliers who are overwhelmingly hostile to anything rightwing.

2018-10-08 02:07:57 UTC  

They are literally funding the enemy.

2018-10-08 02:08:16 UTC  

i doubt most of them can think that far ahead...

2018-10-08 02:08:31 UTC  

many of them are not smart enough, or simply don't care

2018-10-08 02:09:59 UTC  

@TylerHess the banner pic for the PB national Facebook group is a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street where Leo DiCap is snorting blow out of a hooker's ass

2018-10-08 02:10:15 UTC  

with his wedding ring in full view

2018-10-08 02:10:27 UTC  

"Proud Western Chauvinists"

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Yeah.. Hopefully if I drink with them they will be open to thinking the "bad thoughts". I can hold my liquor well enough to be able to redpill them and keep up.

2018-10-08 02:14:17 UTC  

TSwift no.

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@Undercover Academic - IL But the wheat fields...

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Looks like her (((handlers))) finally got to her. We all knew Murdoch^2 was never going to come true.

2018-10-08 02:17:13 UTC  

She will die alone

2018-10-08 02:17:30 UTC  

Das Vault

2018-10-08 02:18:58 UTC  

I went to her concert at Soldier Field

2018-10-08 02:19:05 UTC  

And she went on a pro LGBT rant

2018-10-08 02:19:08 UTC  

I just shook my head

2018-10-08 02:19:17 UTC  

I wanted to start booing her

2018-10-08 02:19:42 UTC  

@Undercover Academic - IL Could have gotten away with it if you were Muslim

2018-10-08 02:19:47 UTC  

I have to say that given her leftwing sympathies, I appreciate the amount of time she has resisted virtue signaling against us. If I understand her post correctly, she is still not attacking us directly but is just stating his electoral opinions. I don't agree with them at all, but as long as she keeps it a policy debate and doesn't make it about us then I don't find fault in her voicing her own views.

2018-10-08 02:20:54 UTC  

She implied that Trump caused her to come out

2018-10-08 02:20:55 UTC  

she used terms like "people of color" and "systemic racism"...she is totally against us.

2018-10-08 02:21:03 UTC  

Dude people in Tenn love trump

2018-10-08 02:21:29 UTC  

She's another out of touch champagne liberal.

2018-10-08 02:21:41 UTC  

When she dropped “systematic racism” I wanted to throw my phone

2018-10-08 02:22:06 UTC  

My wife loves Swift