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What's weird about this whole 'metoo' thing is that 'metoo' used to be a perjorative, basically implying that you were fraudulently jumping on someone else's legitimate bandwagon. To see it now used not only as a hashtag, but as a hashtag about sexual fucking assault... is puzzling, to say the least

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Queer used to be offensive, right?

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and no

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you mean it's not now?

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it used to be not offensive too

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neither was gay

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it used to just mean sothing that was off

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Haha, Duterte doesn't give a single fuck.

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@radeon Actually christianity isn't sole responsibility for the fall of the Roman Empire and Islam actually brought a surprising amount of stability to the middle east for centuries.

Are they outdated concepts that even back then was outdated by the chinese ideals of "Legalism"?
Yes. Obivously.
But let's leave critism where critism is due and leave their past "glories" if you can call them that be.
Erasing history for our modern needs is not a path you want to take.

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Yes, it gets quite stable once you conquer the land and murder everyone except women and children.

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2017-11-11 02:27:56 UTC This is beyond disgusting, the @BBC is clearly on the wrong side of history.

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Wtf is bbc talking about now

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A united Europe was Churchill s idea

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>Poland >Emerging Nazi Dicatorship

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Poland's always had a pretty pro-Nazi stance :^)

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The Europe must be set free from Merkel’s tyranny, one way or another.

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When I was following the link it was dead, guess it's fixed

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Where's the bleach drinking emote?

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Is this Top 2017?

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Now if you are anti EU you are a nazi?

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It's pretty fuckin rich of....literally anyone to call the polish Nazis. Yeah, the polish probably think of Nazis very fondly.

I mean just ask all the polish Jew.....oh.....

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This is such a bullshit

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At this point its nothing but white noise

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\me uncaps bottle of bleach

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I like how that article above has Hungary spelled "Hungry" in the headline.

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Some countries just have unfortunate names... Hungary, Niger...

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Try speaking Hungarian

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Much harder

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There is no analoge to the language

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hungarian is uralic its closest relative is mansi

2017-11-11 18:24:22 UTC  

finnish is related