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2017-11-21 16:59:48 UTC  

tl;dr the US has been voting "No" consistantly ever since it was initated

2017-11-21 17:00:36 UTC  

because it violates the 1st amendment , the only reason why the shitdependent is writing about its because of donald drumpf

2017-11-21 17:01:24 UTC  

We live in times where just talking about history is equated to defending nazis. Nay, even talking about forced speech is equated to a Hitler speech.

2017-11-21 17:01:49 UTC  

Well, if it turns out steam rocket man didn't actually do this before

2017-11-21 17:01:56 UTC  

then this is going to go even *better* than I thought

2017-11-22 04:30:14 UTC  

Seriously, if I owned a venue I would throw a special event just to celebrate.

2017-11-22 04:30:34 UTC  

What's happened to America. We hardly care about shit like this. We should be cheering in the streets.

2017-11-22 04:30:57 UTC  

Because it isnt in our backyard

2017-11-22 04:31:49 UTC  

Yeah well I doubt they're gonna celebrate in Europe either and I'd say it's in their backyard.

2017-11-22 04:32:38 UTC  

I want to print this article and post it up around town.

2017-11-22 04:32:46 UTC  

Iunno, i guess because the focus lately has been trump and regressive aggression

2017-11-22 04:33:28 UTC  

It's sad. America has hardly the pride it used to. Nobody remembers the greatest generation.

2017-11-22 04:34:41 UTC  

I mean, so many years without large scale conflict has allowed the middle class to grow cancerous, which is what results in all these entitled know-it-alls

2017-11-22 04:34:50 UTC  

Im assuming

2017-11-22 04:37:29 UTC  

Because, people legit don't give a shit about it

2017-11-22 04:37:36 UTC  

People died

2017-11-22 04:37:44 UTC  

money trought the toilet

2017-11-22 04:37:45 UTC  


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2017-11-22 04:39:04 UTC  

Basically this ^

It's yet another of the dozens "poorly defined Islamic bad guys in Middle East killed by other Islamists" story

2017-11-22 04:39:16 UTC  

There's been so many in the last decade

2017-11-22 04:39:27 UTC  

And there's always more popping up

2017-11-22 04:39:41 UTC  

Considering it's so far away, it's really hard to give a shit, even if it is a good thing

2017-11-22 04:40:19 UTC  

I guess its also because its been the norm for almost 20 years

2017-11-22 05:09:06 UTC  


2017-11-22 05:09:11 UTC  

let's be adults here

2017-11-22 05:09:15 UTC  

if anyone wanted to end this shit

2017-11-22 05:09:18 UTC  

it would be over

2017-11-22 05:09:21 UTC  

track the money

2017-11-22 05:09:24 UTC  

end the money man

2017-11-22 05:09:31 UTC  

kill the insurgents

2017-11-22 05:10:04 UTC  

are you telling me that the most powerfull superpower in the world can't end a few dudes in the desert?

2017-11-22 05:10:05 UTC  

fuck that

2017-11-22 05:10:27 UTC  

There is too much "realpolitiks" on it

2017-11-22 05:20:26 UTC  


2017-11-22 05:43:04 UTC  

I don't think you're qualified to say it's that simple in the least.

2017-11-22 05:43:08 UTC  


2017-11-22 05:43:58 UTC  

I'm not a General, I'm not a high-level intelligence operative, this shit is complex af.

2017-11-22 05:45:40 UTC  

Sure, I'd like to think it was simple to just put them down and that's that, but I think it's dangerous to make those assumptions.

2017-11-22 05:46:46 UTC  

Especially from a military tactical perspective.