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Nah, I know it's way more than just "bomb people". I was being a shitter

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Hm. Gumby seems to think he's pretty smart.

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Gumby, you're just saying "lol ok suuuuure" without explaining anything.

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Alright, then don't be surprised when you get shit for it.

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you're definitely pullin a Mittens right now bruh

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but hey, you do you

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I am very invested in this discussion and I'm not sure why

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Not sure if Gumby is baiting or being a dumbass

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I'd put my money on baiting for sure

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Dude's like 90% bait

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and I respect that

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It's okay to be bait.

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Nice b8 m8

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@Thomas the Sowell Train [USA]

See it like this, before the Russians got involved, the idea was it would take 10 years to end isis.

After the Russians got involved it was done in what? A year or 2?

And that's why I say, how can the most powerful superpower in the world not end "a few dudes in the desert" but the Russians can curb stomp the fuckers much more efficiently?

2017-11-22 13:01:09 UTC  

Yeah, counter insurgency is not easy, but how can a smaller and weaker nation do it faster than US did?

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There's money to be made in *fighting* terrorists, not in *defeating* terrorists.

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There's money to be made in fighting racists, not in defeating racists.

2017-11-22 13:29:34 UTC  

SPLC money machine #1 goal

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See Pakistan, got money to fight off Taliban in its territory, not to destroy it. They were happy to hide Bin Laden because USA kept paying them.

2017-11-22 13:37:59 UTC  

Conspriacy grows when the report said it was "gross incompetance"

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Sorry to go off topic, but what's up with the whole laurier college thing? I've been out of the loop

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Bascally TA showed a Jordan Peterson debate and someone filed a complaint. TA recorded the conversation shitshow ensures.

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And they told the TA that Peterson was Hitler.

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Interesting point Fulcrum. So why did Russia crush ISIS? Favoring political power over money?

2017-11-22 15:15:20 UTC  

Maybe Putin wants Syria to be Russia's Israel.

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get ready for some seriously painful shit

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Anyway, @Fulcrum010 to respond to your initial question about how it was that ISIS was defeated swiftly upon Russian involvement, you didn't figure in the election of Donald Trump, who ordered General Mattis to eliminiate ISIS using whatever level of troop involvement he deemed necessary. I'm not going to claim that was everything it took, but I'd imagine it was pretty significant.

2017-11-22 15:30:10 UTC  

I guess my own point here would somewhat contradict my earlier skepticism. Hmm... is it better to try not to underestimate the United States, or its opponents? I suppose it really depends on who is in charge in this case.

2017-11-22 15:39:01 UTC  

I guess, Russia did it because theit goal from the beginning was supporting Syria and ending isis.

While the main goal of usa wasn't, specially when you look at the whole "moderate rebel" narrative