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2017-06-26 01:46:16 UTC  

Yeah, I completely stopped. Now I just subtly berate him when I have the chance.

2017-06-26 01:46:16 UTC  

Okay ill be waiting for the pm

2017-06-26 01:48:31 UTC  

What part of LA are you in?

2017-06-26 01:49:03 UTC  

Remember when LA was 90% white

2017-06-26 01:49:06 UTC  

Lol me neither

2017-06-26 01:49:10 UTC  


2017-06-26 01:49:32 UTC  

I can go through the San gabriel valley and enter the south and work upwards so I can go pretty much anywhere by public transportation

2017-06-26 01:49:53 UTC  

Public transport<<<<<<

2017-06-26 01:50:04 UTC  


2017-06-26 01:50:05 UTC  

Idk how you do it man.

2017-06-26 01:50:12 UTC  

You need to make the move bro.

2017-06-26 01:50:33 UTC  

It's easier than driving thru traffic besides I also have a ride anywhere besides public transport but it's cheaper to use that the. Waste gas in LA traffic until im leaving

2017-06-26 01:51:16 UTC  

As a libertarian I only move around a city through my own faculties and the helpfulness of friends

2017-06-26 01:51:40 UTC  

As soon as you ride the bus you become a link in the chain of serfdom

2017-06-26 01:51:45 UTC  

Yeah, I understand from that viewpoint. But just imagine, having your own vehicle, SUPER cheap gas, (just went got gas about 15 mins ago, $1.98 atm), hardly any traffic, just feels alot better

2017-06-26 01:52:39 UTC  

@D.iogenes Lol, you what are of Texas you in?

2017-06-26 01:53:08 UTC  

North of Dallas

2017-06-26 01:53:26 UTC  

Flower Mound is the town name

2017-06-26 01:53:35 UTC  

How much is gas their atm?

2017-06-26 01:53:40 UTC  

Like 1.90

2017-06-26 01:53:45 UTC  


2017-06-26 01:53:53 UTC  

Pipeline bro

2017-06-26 01:54:12 UTC  

Yeah, like I said it 1.98 here also, we have the cheapest gas in the country.

2017-06-26 01:54:15 UTC  

Feels good.

2017-06-26 01:54:18 UTC  


2017-06-26 01:54:26 UTC  

Where you live in Louisiana

2017-06-26 01:54:30 UTC  

Baton Rouge

2017-06-26 01:54:43 UTC  

At least it isn't New Orleans

2017-06-26 01:54:48 UTC  

Ikr, lmfao.

2017-06-26 01:55:01 UTC  

Shreveport is nice

2017-06-26 01:55:29 UTC  

Most based is Clinton, Jackson, Ethel, Morganza, New Roads, etc.

2017-06-26 01:55:40 UTC  

If you know of any of those, best places in Louisiana.

2017-06-26 01:55:51 UTC  

I like Alabama more

2017-06-26 01:55:57 UTC  

Alabama? Shit tier.

2017-06-26 01:56:04 UTC  

We stop in Louisiana on our way to Alabama lol

2017-06-26 01:56:12 UTC  

We have property there we vacation at

2017-06-26 01:56:21 UTC  

By the beach?

2017-06-26 01:56:29 UTC  

Yeah town called Foley

2017-06-26 01:56:42 UTC  

Know just where it's at very well. South is comfy as hell.

2017-06-26 01:56:50 UTC  

It is

2017-06-26 01:57:05 UTC  

Southern Alabama is obv superior to the rest of it