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2018-10-10 01:30:24 UTC  

Am I free to leave now to receive credit for the orientation? Have to make a work phone call.

2018-10-10 01:30:36 UTC  

Thank you. Appreciate everything.

2018-10-10 01:30:41 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff When does Gimlet become our coordinator?

2018-10-10 01:30:47 UTC  

Energy drinks are a modern artifice. Coffee on the other hand is part of our glorious heritage and was won by right of conquest at the Siege of Vienna.

2018-10-10 01:31:17 UTC  

Thanks Patrick, great work

2018-10-10 01:31:21 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff what are some of the strongest regional communities of IE?

2018-10-10 01:31:26 UTC  

Long live IE!

2018-10-10 01:31:32 UTC  


2018-10-10 01:31:34 UTC  

DC ftw!

2018-10-10 01:31:55 UTC  

@TylerHess Don't forget the majestic croissant.

2018-10-10 01:32:10 UTC  


2018-10-10 01:32:14 UTC  

@Rabbidsith Eat their flags!

2018-10-10 01:32:19 UTC  

Yeah we do. Mostly cause of @Valaska

2018-10-10 01:32:22 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff thanks Patrick!

2018-10-10 01:32:28 UTC  

@TylerHess Indeed.

2018-10-10 01:32:35 UTC  


2018-10-10 01:33:03 UTC  

Thanks for attending everyone. I'll be heading to bed but catch up with me if you need to get with a second interviewer and I'll get back to you

2018-10-10 01:33:50 UTC  

❤️ you guys. Have a great night.

2018-10-10 01:34:07 UTC  


2018-10-10 01:35:46 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD King's Quest was my game back in the 90's.

2018-10-10 01:36:11 UTC

2018-10-10 01:36:12 UTC  

Cops and robbers was my game back in the 90s

2018-10-10 01:39:26 UTC

2018-10-10 01:39:35 UTC  

I’ll accept

2018-10-10 01:40:24 UTC  

I'm in the purple, let me see if i can find my result.

2018-10-10 01:40:49 UTC  

My wife LOVES Taylor Swift

2018-10-10 01:40:52 UTC  

What do I do

2018-10-10 01:41:01 UTC  

Swift came out recently as a cultural Marxist

2018-10-10 01:41:13 UTC  

To be fair, she was /our girl

2018-10-10 01:41:15 UTC  

She can still be our waifu, screw it.

2018-10-10 01:41:31 UTC  


2018-10-10 01:41:44 UTC  

Wife says she doesn’t care about Swift’s political views

2018-10-10 01:42:09 UTC  

I don't either...still Aryan goddess with talent.

2018-10-10 01:42:21 UTC  

I’ll come around eventually I guess

2018-10-10 01:42:35 UTC  

She's virtue signaling per her publicist I bet...

2018-10-10 01:42:41 UTC  

Dude she literally wants white people to end

2018-10-10 01:42:49 UTC  

didn't see that one?

2018-10-10 01:43:01 UTC  

she may have done it to get mass votes before the AMA awards

2018-10-10 01:43:04 UTC  

if so...troubling to say the least.

2018-10-10 01:43:05 UTC  

Best to assume every celebrity is liberal by default. She probably didn't even write that herself

2018-10-10 01:43:08 UTC  

which are tonight