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2018-10-10 04:27:09 UTC  

You stole my job! 😱

2018-10-10 04:27:25 UTC  

sorry, @Grayson needed a pick me up...

2018-10-10 04:27:47 UTC  

And the Binturong baby is cute af

2018-10-10 04:28:08 UTC  

It's cool. We can also has many animal. Animal are the best. πŸ˜€

2018-10-10 04:29:41 UTC  

I just saw the post. They are very cute.

2018-10-10 04:39:35 UTC  

hey as a goat judge i loved the Boar Goat post.... lol but i have to say Asatru Artist's animal of the day today was one of the most adorable things ever. that little baby drinking from the bottle ! awww

2018-10-10 04:40:02 UTC  

@micbwilli did you see the picture of my peacock i posted earlier today ?

2018-10-10 04:42:31 UTC  

I looked it up now. Really beautiful plumage. Why do you have a peacock tho? Do you have peahens too?

2018-10-10 04:42:45 UTC  

yes i have several.

2018-10-10 04:44:10 UTC  

If I'm ever in Utah you have to let me toss seed to them. (Assuming they eat seed.)

2018-10-10 04:45:14 UTC  

they love grapes.. dandelions , meal worms, strawberries

2018-10-10 04:45:25 UTC  

but they do get corn too

2018-10-10 04:49:00 UTC  

Will they eat blood worms? I've used them for fish before. I became allergic to them.

2018-10-10 04:49:18 UTC  

Video of them nibbling corn please.

2018-10-10 05:14:53 UTC  

about to drop a reference to Social Matter in my history paper

I am the Reaction

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2018-10-10 06:18:21 UTC  

how do these look for IE fashthetics?

2018-10-10 06:29:30 UTC  

I thought blur was just a band from the 90s

2018-10-10 06:33:26 UTC  

@FACINEMA Why are you always wearing a muscle shirt in your pics, I thought you had a GF, who are you trying to impress?

2018-10-10 06:33:55 UTC  

im not wearing a muscle shirt!

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2018-10-10 07:04:00 UTC  

@FACINEMA This looks awesome

2018-10-10 10:57:56 UTC  

Gym gang

2018-10-10 10:58:45 UTC  

Early morning crew.

2018-10-10 11:00:07 UTC  

From now on I will stop using β€œgang” πŸ˜‚

2018-10-10 11:13:26 UTC  

Hurricane Micheal is now Cat 4. Heads up Florida man.

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2018-10-10 11:31:24 UTC  

Another day of molding the minds of the youth

2018-10-10 12:24:46 UTC  

haha thats awesome

2018-10-10 12:31:44 UTC  

God-tier trolling.

2018-10-10 12:34:06 UTC  


2018-10-10 13:37:58 UTC  

this is the realest tweet I’ve seen in a while

2018-10-10 14:45:54 UTC  

Omg this video haha

2018-10-10 14:46:04 UTC  

Yeah I know he is a Jew...

2018-10-10 14:58:46 UTC  

6'8" Jew? <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-10-10 15:01:05 UTC  

Big if Jew...

2018-10-10 15:10:19 UTC

2018-10-10 15:12:23 UTC  

@Deleted User Taking the Eternal Anglo meme to new levels...