Message from DOAN in Nick Fuentes Server #general

2018-05-08 06:36:00 UTC  

Le epic lets bait by BREAKING THE RULES

2018-05-08 06:36:01 UTC  

Is that supposed to be your big burn lol

2018-05-08 06:36:15 UTC  

A picture of me streaming? Oof, right in the soul lmao

2018-05-08 06:36:15 UTC  

You should consider killing yourself @Rebics

2018-05-08 06:36:19 UTC  

Simply epic

2018-05-08 06:36:32 UTC  

Flakes can you stop spamming bears please

2018-05-08 06:36:38 UTC  

don't tell people to kill themselves

2018-05-08 06:36:44 UTC  

not on my server not on my watch

2018-05-08 06:36:45 UTC  

Tbh its the least of my worries rn but its annoying as hell

2018-05-08 06:36:47 UTC  

Hiding was Chuck (Broseph) kicked?

2018-05-08 06:36:54 UTC  

He was banned

2018-05-08 06:36:55 UTC  

May I invite him to return?

2018-05-08 06:36:56 UTC  

Bears are chad

2018-05-08 06:37:02 UTC  


2018-05-08 06:37:04 UTC  


2018-05-08 06:37:08 UTC  

Bears are chad

2018-05-08 06:37:16 UTC  

That's what I thought

2018-05-08 06:37:22 UTC  


2018-05-08 06:37:32 UTC  

@Rebics Dont listen to these guys. I'm a femanon and I'd date you

2018-05-08 06:37:35 UTC  

you guys are like the elites out of touch with the people

2018-05-08 06:37:43 UTC  

Not a fan of thisHiding

2018-05-08 06:37:56 UTC  

btw if you wanna ban people who were posting degen stuff ban lanius

2018-05-08 06:38:05 UTC  
2018-05-08 06:38:06 UTC  

"Guys you don't degenerate rape post and you actually follow the rules, tsk tsk so out of touch."

2018-05-08 06:38:08 UTC  

Yeah ok

2018-05-08 06:38:08 UTC  

i dont like snitching but lanius a bitch

2018-05-08 06:38:23 UTC  

posting degens stuff and then pretending he didnt

2018-05-08 06:38:31 UTC  

bitch own up to it

2018-05-08 06:38:45 UTC  

Lol dont look here dont look at what we were doing look at someone else who didnt even pale in comparison

2018-05-08 06:38:55 UTC  

You folks have a quagmire indeed, night.

2018-05-08 06:39:07 UTC  

Imagine shilling to the mods @Deleted User when you were degen yourself

2018-05-08 06:39:21 UTC  

oh lolol

2018-05-08 06:39:38 UTC  

I literally posted like two things that didn't even pale in comparison to any of the shit you were posting.

2018-05-08 06:39:38 UTC  

he was literally posting the worst of it

2018-05-08 06:39:42 UTC  


2018-05-08 06:39:58 UTC  

lanius you posted like actual porn

2018-05-08 06:40:00 UTC  

you=the people banned i meant.

2018-05-08 06:40:12 UTC  

Screenshot it if he posted something, it's still in the chat if you aren't lying.

2018-05-08 06:40:29 UTC  

If lanius was smart he wouldve deleted