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2018-10-11 20:20:10 UTC  

Update on black guy harassing me for rejecting him.

was minding my own business all day, didn’t even look at him. But his friends kept screaming insults at me from a couple feet away, talking about me to eachother loud enough for me to hear, and criticizing my work (when I was doing nothing wrong) and yelling at me to “work faster!”. I kinda broke down after they saw me moving a pallet that was obviously too big for one person to move, but none of them would help me, so they just pointed and laughed and called me weak.

Went to admin, gave them the story, it was a white lady and she feels really bad for me so I hope something comes out of that

2018-10-11 20:20:25 UTC

Neil Gorsuch is turning into the new Kennedy. Yesterday he ruled with the Jewish block that it’s unconstitutional to deport criminal aliens lol

2018-10-11 20:20:35 UTC  

@Deleted User med gang

2018-10-11 20:21:10 UTC  

I said a month ago on twitter. Gorsuch + Kavanaugh is not substantially better than Scalia + Kennedy

2018-10-11 20:21:28 UTC  

I'm surprised I had no idea Gorsuch would cuck

2018-10-11 20:21:41 UTC  

Encouraging to see that Kavanaugh took a hard line tho

2018-10-11 20:21:48 UTC  

he seemed like a solid pick

2018-10-11 20:21:52 UTC  

med 💪 💪 gang

2018-10-11 20:21:59 UTC  

@NITRODUBS Amazing how blatant they're allowed to be

2018-10-11 20:22:04 UTC  

Kav and Thomas need to drag that court to the right real quick

2018-10-11 20:22:19 UTC

2018-10-11 20:22:23 UTC  

RBG being replaced by a hardliner is going to be the real gamechanger

2018-10-11 20:22:29 UTC  

He was literally making fun of me for wanting white children

2018-10-11 20:22:41 UTC  

unconstitutional to deport criminal aliens?

2018-10-11 20:22:43 UTC  


2018-10-11 20:22:45 UTC  

like wtf

2018-10-11 20:22:48 UTC  

>identity aussie

2018-10-11 20:22:59 UTC  

Relatively new group

2018-10-11 20:23:06 UTC  

their aesthetic is borderline identical to ours, hopefully they're legit

2018-10-11 20:23:25 UTC  

real penal colony hours

2018-10-11 20:23:44 UTC  

They are 100% copying our message and esthetics.

2018-10-11 20:23:46 UTC  

They wear masks, polos, and khakis. Might change, tried to convince them

2018-10-11 20:23:54 UTC  

masks? they gotta go

2018-10-11 20:24:00 UTC  


2018-10-11 20:24:04 UTC  

@NITRODUBS It's a social pressure mechanism. They try to guilt girls into accepting them through this kind of stuff.

2018-10-11 20:24:11 UTC  

still wearing masks shows utter retardation

2018-10-11 20:24:12 UTC  

Hey, at least people want to be like us, right?

2018-10-11 20:24:19 UTC  

They’re like 75% us, 25% PF

2018-10-11 20:24:38 UTC  

@Deleted User masks makes it not at all worth it

2018-10-11 20:24:58 UTC  

they could have perfect messaging and still be a net negative by sticking to militant mask bs

2018-10-11 20:24:59 UTC  


2018-10-11 20:25:19 UTC  

To be fair, most of IE doesn't show their faces....they just don't use "masks" to do it.

2018-10-11 20:25:28 UTC  

just saying that imitation is flattery though

2018-10-11 20:26:04 UTC  

I appreciate what they're trying to do in theory, but allowing someone to become associated with our brand while also maintaining militant + mask is not a good association

2018-10-11 20:26:36 UTC  

They’re not associated, they’re inspired

2018-10-11 20:26:48 UTC  

their aesthetic and messaging is identical

2018-10-11 20:26:54 UTC  

that's a close* association whether we condone it or not

2018-10-11 20:27:16 UTC  

Yeah, we need to bully them into shape

2018-10-11 20:27:20 UTC  

for our sake

2018-10-11 20:27:27 UTC  


2018-10-11 20:28:01 UTC  

"Antifa in Khakis" is def not a good way to present to the public.