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our nugger

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Iamawesom best kohai

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> a third of the Forbes 400’s richest Americans
> ten out of 100 U.S. senators
> three of nine Supreme Court justices
> the chair of the Federal Reserve and her two predecessors
> Jews built great retail chains like Sears and Macy’s and computer companies like Oracle and Dell (corporations)
> practically invented Hollywood
> established the three biggest broadcast networks
> The New York Times and the Washington Post, were founded by Jews
> Jews numbers are dwindling, they're fewer in number than ever.
Even one of the furthest left publications admits to what they call us "crazy conspiracy theorists" for.
We see that just as this says, they're still in control of Corporations, Hollywood, Media/News, the Federal Reserve, a large portion of our government, etc.
Essentially everything you would need to control a country and steer it towards your own interests.
Bonus: They make it a pity party about how few Jews are left but then immediately say they're in all these positions of power from Corporations to the Fed to the Government.

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Mein gott

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Don't worry

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Maybe they are just superior

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When it kills you when you're right

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tfw can't return from the jewpill

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What if Nazis have an inferiority complex because they know Jews will always be infinitely more successful then them ?

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Because it is possible

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I am certainly sure Titler had a crippling inferiority disease

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Along with his mental disease

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He lost

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He committed suicide

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So he was a wimp too

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The only thing he did wrong was not gassing 6 gorilion jews

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Fucking Karl Doenitz was stronger

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>implying hitler commited suicide

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No, I am implying you are a stupid idiot

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hitler lives in antarctica

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Hitler has been eaten up by maggots and you are in denial

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muh neu schwabia though

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These are all of the possible paths of life that can happen when one browses /pol/

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I wear that badge proudly

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>tfw at the end of faze 4

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i dont wanna die ;__;

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all i wanted to do was stage 2 but faze 4 is the path i need to go down for my dammation