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2018-05-08 19:02:25 UTC  

Fuck the EU

2018-05-08 19:02:28 UTC  

bunch of faggots

2018-05-08 19:02:31 UTC  

Who bitch and moan

2018-05-08 19:02:32 UTC  

They will still Deal with Iran over us

2018-05-08 19:02:36 UTC  

Let's tariff them

2018-05-08 19:02:52 UTC  

Especially because now with unregulated nuclear power Iran can sell literally all of their oil to Europe

2018-05-08 19:03:11 UTC  

Tfw I remember $1.50 a gallon gas prices

2018-05-08 19:03:45 UTC  

hey give me mod <@&436020681663184907>

2018-05-08 19:04:43 UTC  

Can't wait for the norks to call drumpfs bluff

2018-05-08 19:05:40 UTC  

I'm all for nuking the Iran deal, but I wish our conservatives and alt-lite buddies would tell us why its good for the USA, not brag about how happy Israel is

2018-05-08 19:07:42 UTC  

Homeland devoted an entire season to promoting the Iran deal which is all we need to know

2018-05-08 19:09:45 UTC  

hey give me mod <@&436020681663184907>

2018-05-08 19:10:36 UTC  

who was that saying they haven't called in reserves yet so nothing is happening? lol

2018-05-08 19:10:45 UTC  
2018-05-08 19:10:54 UTC  

hey egg

2018-05-08 19:10:57 UTC  

i mean

2018-05-08 19:11:01 UTC  


2018-05-08 19:11:14 UTC  

will u endorse me for mod?

2018-05-08 19:11:58 UTC  
2018-05-08 19:12:00 UTC  

Right, like IRan is going to attack Israel rn in a fit of rage

2018-05-08 19:12:02 UTC  

answer me nigger

2018-05-08 19:12:07 UTC  

thru syria lol

2018-05-08 19:12:24 UTC  

with 3 Big Powers on the ground

2018-05-08 19:12:27 UTC  

@Hickory reserve air defences

2018-05-08 19:12:42 UTC  

Wait for them to call up the army reserve

2018-05-08 19:12:43 UTC  


2018-05-08 19:12:45 UTC  

well it woudl be prudent for Israel to be ready

2018-05-08 19:12:56 UTC  

hey Norman can u check that article out pls

2018-05-08 19:13:03 UTC  

just the title should do

2018-05-08 19:13:09 UTC  

and it would be uncharacteristic for them not to use the media moment to their advantage

2018-05-08 19:13:14 UTC

2018-05-08 19:13:36 UTC  

Yeah most Irish people are pro EU @Triple Hernan that's hardly suprising

2018-05-08 19:13:52 UTC  

I suppose, Ireland gets a lot of subsidies

2018-05-08 19:14:07 UTC  

We've been a net contributor since the 90s

2018-05-08 19:14:20 UTC  

Paid in triple what we got

2018-05-08 19:14:26 UTC  

iirc they just took poll after poll and ignored the ones they didn't like till Ireland was in

2018-05-08 19:14:32 UTC  

Why are the Irish so pro EU then?

2018-05-08 19:14:39 UTC  

northern ireland is IRISH