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@Nemets Old gold

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Oh, prob saw it 2015

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@Deleted User To be honest, I didn't realize he was Catholic, though religion is obviously a secondary consideration. That said, I'm not sure where you're getting the 16-25% from, but we obviously aren't purists here, and going through his stuff, I haven't yet seen anything particularly egregious (just vapid), so I'll concede the point...

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Is that the Monster energy drink woman

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...for now 😎

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Ion kno, man. Obviously we're all aware of Jewish influence presently and historically - but the constant need to frantically google "is xxy JEWISH?!?!?", fixate on it and point it out comes off as pretty poorly adjusted.

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Like sometimes people are shitty and have shitty political opinions without being part of some grand zionist conspiracy, you know?

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@ophiuchus oh yeah it is

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She's going in for a *sip*

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"Oh he's advocating for doing DRUGS because he's JEWISH and wants to subvert our country and destroy THE WYPIPO RACE"

No, it's more likely he's doing that because he's a shitty dude rationalizing his bad life decisions.

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Over fixation on who is or isn't Jewish makes us easy to dismiss too. Easy to turn us into a characture of who we are.

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@Deleted User When I talked about "going though his stuff," I was talking about positions he was advocating for, not his genealogy, and I had actually forgotten about his history of substance abuse.

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@bspon002 Fair point.

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Not trying to have a go at you, and frankly I shouldn't be on here at all - pretty tired - but the point I'm trying to impress is this:

just because someone is doing something subversive and shitty doesn't make them a "suspected Jew" (god, that sounds stormfronty)
likewise when a Jewish person is doing something shitty and subversive, the reason it's happening is quite often not because they are Jewish and trying to destroy society or whatever

people are perfectly capable of being shitty on their own, absent of racial, cultural or political programming.

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God knows we've got our fair share ourselves.

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@Deleted User Reading MacDonald and the like leads me to believe Jews aren't even aware of their subverison, half of the time. It's an adaptation, a biological imperative.

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Doesn't excuse it.

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But it helps explain it.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I'll be perfectly clear here when I say that I don't entirely agree with his theory - but I certainly don't disagree.

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Ruminating on who is possibly a Jew also creates the impression that Jews are the same as white people and difficult to distinguish

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Moderation in all things. Be J-Woke and point it out when need be, but it doesn't need to head every paragraph.

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@Deleted User Agreed, but man, I never thought I'd see the day when I was made to feel like a Cantwell-poster, lol.

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ian is now a suspected jew

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@Nemets Genestealing via the shiksas

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60-70% is very low in my book and they nonetheless genetically cluster and function as aliens

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Realizing that they are indoctrinated to believe we are not even human leads me to believe their subversive is completely deliberate.

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@Krypto- OH How does that explain secular jews?

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Nah, gene-stealing via K***** m***ers. Very rare they shikses go that way, and their identity's martilineal.

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I'm not saying all jews, some actually understand that its mumbo jumbo, but the ones in power, say they ones with financial pull, will use their power, i.e. capital to pull the string and keep the culture in just enough turmoil to make the ends justify the means. If that makes sense.

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It is different from the Middle Eastern Farmer component in Europeans

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@Deleted User Jewishness isn't religion. It's multi-dimensional. Racial, Religious, Cultural.
The biggest anti-white Jews I've met eat bacon and never go to temple.

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We just want to be careful that we don't mythologize Jewish influence.

Sometimes I hear people speak about Jews the same way that blacks speak about us.
"The reason our people and society is in such a poor situation is because of white supremacy/Jewish influence"

very similar thought process.

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Don't be white Tariq Nasheed

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That's quite literally how he sounded about white people in his Jared Taylor debate