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2017-04-13 05:57:04 UTC  

In US soil

2017-04-13 05:57:14 UTC  

antifa is plotting to shut_it_down

2017-04-13 05:57:42 UTC  

I really don't know anything about bannon.

2017-04-13 05:58:02 UTC  

Unfortunately I live 3374 miles away

2017-04-13 05:58:10 UTC  

If it wasn't for that I'd help

2017-04-13 05:58:20 UTC  

just makes memes of it

2017-04-13 05:58:33 UTC  

I have transcended to a higher plane of content.

2017-04-13 05:59:22 UTC  

Why is the democratic party such cancer?

2017-04-13 05:59:27 UTC  

Fucking Christ

2017-04-13 05:59:38 UTC  

When was the last time we had a decent Democrat?

2017-04-13 05:59:43 UTC  


2017-04-13 05:59:53 UTC  

Nevermind he was a ZOG puppet

2017-04-13 06:00:02 UTC  

Lot of people don't like Roosevelt due to socialism

2017-04-13 06:00:16 UTC  

And abandoning the poles

2017-04-13 06:00:20 UTC  

Have we ever had a good Democrat?

2017-04-13 06:01:17 UTC  

Andrew Jackson

2017-04-13 06:01:22 UTC  


2017-04-13 06:01:33 UTC  

Jimmy Carter was *nice*, but not a good president

2017-04-13 06:01:46 UTC  

He at least had the integrity to put his kids in public school

2017-04-13 06:01:56 UTC  

Roosevelt was a filthy communist traitor who referred to Stalin in speeches as "Uncle Joe" and was the first to recognize the illegitimate Soviet occupiers as the Russian government in 1931

2017-04-13 06:02:43 UTC  

He hid the truth about Holodomor from the American public, and while pretending to be "neutral", banned trade with Germany while greatly increasing exports to the USSR. American supplies were virtually the only thing keeping the Soviets afloat from 1939-1941

2017-04-13 06:02:59 UTC  

Not virtually

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2017-04-13 06:03:14 UTC  

The lend lease saved the Russians

2017-04-13 06:03:32 UTC  

I watch these videos religiously

2017-04-13 06:03:36 UTC  

I'm mixed pilled

2017-04-13 06:03:39 UTC  

Red and green

2017-04-13 06:03:43 UTC  

Dash of Iron

2017-04-13 06:03:45 UTC  

FDR is a great hero to communists and jews aike. Tens of millions of white Europeans and Americans were sacrificed on an altar as a blood sacrifice for the creation of Israel

2017-04-13 06:04:05 UTC  

This is why I sometimes question Trump

2017-04-13 06:04:07 UTC  


2017-04-13 06:04:17 UTC  

He is an overwhelming supporter of Israel

2017-04-13 06:04:24 UTC  

His daughter ivanka is a jew

2017-04-13 06:04:26 UTC  

Married a jew

2017-04-13 06:04:45 UTC  

Trump has never claimed to be a white nationalist or attempted to hide his jewish relatives. We're guilty of projecting too much of our politics onto him

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2017-04-13 06:05:08 UTC  

He is a stepping stone. Much better than Hillary, but we must always be on the look-out for a further-right candidate to support

2017-04-13 06:05:22 UTC  

But his pro Israel policies are ones I'm totally against

2017-04-13 06:05:32 UTC