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Ancestors have been here for over 400 years and no Indian or Negro blood

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But muh epic 52% face meme

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@Ald We've been here since the late 17th Century. No Black or Indian blood either. All English, Scottish and French Protestant. Surprisingly well documented. I was talking to a friend who I've known since the 70s and we discovered that we have a common ancestor. He fought in the Revolution and was granted land in Georgia. He moved his six kids, his wife and several younger relatives down the Great Wagon Road to the area around Bowman, Ga. That's where ALL of mine and his ancestors are from. We now refer to each other as "couz."

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@Bjorn - MD I wonder how they will portray them now that the left seems to have an affinity for warmongers and neocons?

2018-10-15 23:33:02 UTC  

From the trailer, I didn't get a negative feel...

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Really makes you think

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hahaha that made me laugh out loud

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You have to forgive me if this is super dumb, but why haven't we started a credit union? Like we could do that right?

2018-10-15 23:36:48 UTC  

That screenshot is the best advertisement for our views...

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@Asatru Artist - MD Definitely curious...

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>not returning to single-cell life
>laughs in cellular division

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multicellulars get out of my OCEANS

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Unicellular is the ultimate in the elimination of diversity

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Hello Comrades

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@Salo Saloson

>not being a free living bit of rRNA. 😒

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miss me with them lightning bolts, protein

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Alright, the brains are getting too big in here. Time to take it down a notch 😎:

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Did someone say it's shitposting time

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@Bjorn - MD If you really wanted to take it down a notch, you could have posted a link to the latest episodes of TRS...

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My copy of the White Nationalist Manifesto just came

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It looks really good, even if the name is... not exactly IE optics

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The optics will follow the natural course of events

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@Gibson lmao nice contemporary pfp

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I’m a fan of the term “white autonomy”

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I'm a fan of "taking our countries back. All of them. Every square inch."

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You ruined it

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way to go Nate. you ruined it.

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I did, it’s true. :<:sad:366743316475281408>:

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We could try again, with a different person for each line