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Yeah 7 was my first guess but you gotta wait until trump is out at the very least. Allow for some shitty leftist policies to be implemented

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So 9

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Could’ve done better but that was still pretty good lol

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Maybe 8

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Simon you gotta learn that while the catholic church is a good place to go for fundamental christianity, its not very good at policy. Esp regarding immigration. The catholic church is in the buisness of saving souls. The more 3rd world brownie beleivers they can get the better

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Been that way since 1500

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Fuck my ears are still ringing

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As long as it’s not making immigration policy, it’s fine

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Shot at a bobcat like an hour and a half ago

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What caliber?

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The Catholic Church is not bad on policy, it's just been bad in general (subverted) since 1958

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Lol no @Nicholas István ever heard of the (((irish))) corruption in baltimore and philly?

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Hardcore democrats since forever

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Theres 2 of those fuckers running around in my backwoods. I think they have a den in the local park reserve caves

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They fucking scream

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Doesn't mean anything, I'm talking about traditional Catholic social teaching in the context of Natural Law and Organic Society

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inb4 robot master race

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"Doesnt mean anything" why? Because you said so??? Lol.

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*gibes factual historical precedents on the failings of the catholic church* you "nah m8 that doesnt mean anything"

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Catholic Church definitely has a lot of problems

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@Simon Scola good job simon
you could hear the disdain in james' voice when you brought up nick
it still bothers him

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The Catholic Church does have pedos in it too. I just can’t stand the fedora tipping about it.

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Corruption of humans in modern times is not comparible to orthodox Catholic social doctrine

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I agree with James on a lot but he’s so fake and arrogant

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Have you guys read the school of Darkness book

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Nick is arrogant because he right all the time

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why has Allsup turned up the bass to the max? he sounds like a morning zoo radio show host

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its about the *ahem* Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church

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I've been meaning to read it

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@Simon Scola
The pope will deport Mexican invaders.

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