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2018-05-12 12:53:18 UTC  


2018-05-12 12:53:30 UTC  

She looks something like this

2018-05-12 12:53:56 UTC  

Congrats bro, I'm happy for you

2018-05-12 12:53:59 UTC  

I hope it works out

2018-05-12 12:54:41 UTC  

Meds are some of the least pozzed whites out there

2018-05-12 12:54:49 UTC  

Looking for Med or Polish gf

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2018-05-12 12:56:21 UTC  

Polish girls

2018-05-12 12:57:13 UTC  

The thing is, my girlfriend, I kinda had her on the back burner for a while,

2018-05-12 12:57:31 UTC  

She liked me but I was trying to go for another girl that I was talking to and it didn't go anywhere

2018-05-12 12:58:06 UTC  

If she wasn't in a relationship while you were with that other girl, that's a sign she'll be loyal to you

2018-05-12 12:58:08 UTC  

That's good

2018-05-12 12:58:30 UTC  

She was single, she was waiting for me to go take her out

2018-05-12 12:58:36 UTC  

Orbitted me

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2018-05-12 12:59:07 UTC  

I gave up with the other girl because she kept playing games and I have no patience for time wasters

2018-05-12 12:59:28 UTC  

She also tried to pull the "lets just stay as friends"

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2018-05-12 13:00:17 UTC  

I cut her off

2018-05-12 13:00:21 UTC  

She's done for

2018-05-12 13:00:37 UTC  

She also had guy friends

2018-05-12 13:00:42 UTC  

Oh yeah that's a bad sign

2018-05-12 13:00:54 UTC  

These guy friends were friends since like kindergarten

2018-05-12 13:01:00 UTC  

I was not going to have that

2018-05-12 13:01:17 UTC  

A thot since she was a toddler

2018-05-12 13:01:24 UTC  


2018-05-12 13:01:35 UTC  

I could tell that her guy friends were major orbiter's

2018-05-12 13:01:50 UTC  

Trying to find an opportunity to slip into the cracks and date her

2018-05-12 13:02:16 UTC  

But yeah I dumped her, no point in chasing a thot who plays games with you

2018-05-12 13:02:45 UTC  


2018-05-12 13:02:59 UTC  

If she's not fit for marriage, there's no reason to keep the relationship going

2018-05-12 13:02:59 UTC  

And now I'm with an Italian girl who's Catholic. The other girl was a Protestant lmao

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2018-05-12 13:03:24 UTC  

The eternal pr*testant thot

2018-05-12 13:03:27 UTC  

A girl who's into the more devout sects of Christianity is a must for me tbh

2018-05-12 13:03:35 UTC  

I will not date a protestant woman

2018-05-12 13:03:51 UTC  


2018-05-12 13:03:54 UTC  

Protestants let a lot of shit slip when it comes to The Bible and what it says

2018-05-12 13:04:18 UTC  

Yeah, you also have the prot thots

2018-05-12 13:04:22 UTC  

That's where it comes from