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2018-10-25 01:24:37 UTC  

all white babies are born with blue eyes, fyi. pigment doesn't set in for their lifelong color until at least 9 months post-birth

2018-10-25 01:24:38 UTC  

@NateDahl76 they're like navy blue

2018-10-25 01:24:50 UTC  

@Max Bianco - NY Molyneux is a race-realist, but he is still too optimistic that we can create a successful multiracial nation based on NAP.

2018-10-25 01:25:01 UTC  

If you're going to have brown eyes, you're still born with dark blue

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the GOP know they can't survive without us

2018-10-25 01:25:38 UTC  

GOP is waiting for 2024

2018-10-25 01:25:42 UTC  

I mean, that could be possible, but I do believe my sister had brown eyes from the day she was born.

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Based on pictures.

2018-10-25 01:25:56 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff when we take over the GOP can I make forts with the file cabinets?

2018-10-25 01:25:57 UTC  

Someone scienc e it pls

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2018-10-25 01:26:04 UTC  

I think the GOP will return to its neocon bullshit after Trump

2018-10-25 01:26:10 UTC  

Or at least try to

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@Max Bianco - NY I least they want to

2018-10-25 01:26:26 UTC  

I scienced the eye thing while prego, promise

2018-10-25 01:26:31 UTC  

>posts picture of baby
>"Ayo hol up is this baby even white"

2018-10-25 01:26:47 UTC  

It isn't unreasonable to think explicit Pro whites are 1% of the population (2% of whites) or much more. That is within the margin of victory for presidential politics

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Maintain your physical fitness

2018-10-25 01:27:18 UTC  

hello little one

2018-10-25 01:27:24 UTC  

Hard to see but they are blue

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2018-10-25 01:27:29 UTC  

"I won't bunk with the peasants" - @Reinhard Wolff

2018-10-25 01:27:49 UTC  

My son doxxed so hard, thanks dad

2018-10-25 01:27:50 UTC  

someone tell the baby that he's doxing himself when he takes pics and posts them in here.

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@Reinhard Wolff can we setup a business / work / careers section for people to network?

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@Reinhard Wolff can we have nerf gun games when the HQ is complete?

2018-10-25 01:28:34 UTC  

Press i to invade Mexico

2018-10-25 01:28:35 UTC  

napalm can't be that expensive

2018-10-25 01:28:38 UTC  

"Invade Mexico" -Patrick Casey

2018-10-25 01:28:40 UTC  

Hahha that would be fun! @ChippedStones

2018-10-25 01:28:44 UTC  

@missliterallywho plausible deniability 30 years from now...

2018-10-25 01:28:44 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Clearly you don't regret bunking with me in the swamp..r....right?

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2018-10-25 01:28:48 UTC  

If there aren't nerf gun battles at headquarters I give up on everything

2018-10-25 01:28:49 UTC