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2018-10-26 00:52:37 UTC  

Well Lex, that IS qu-white a hwite pill. Thank you *very* much for sharing.

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2018-10-26 00:53:45 UTC  

Why are there not more "redpill" posts?

2018-10-26 00:53:50 UTC  

Now let’s hope that Trump actually does something about it

2018-10-26 00:53:51 UTC  

He also said that he has this huge racial feeling, metaphysical like, in his bones. It was a very hopeful conversation. And I said almost nothing.

2018-10-26 00:54:51 UTC  

@Deleted User You have a rare privilege and powerful responsibility to guide him

2018-10-26 00:55:20 UTC  

You have to keep him out of the Shapiro hole, but prevent him from burning too brightly too fast, a la Paul Nehlen

2018-10-26 00:55:23 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN he knows where I stand, and he just said that to me! It was wild.

2018-10-26 00:55:33 UTC  

When the time is right, you should buy him “A Fair Hearing”.

2018-10-26 00:55:54 UTC  

@JohnAtlas I got the book and it's nice. I worry RS makes it less useful.

2018-10-26 00:56:18 UTC  

With his sports ball critique?

2018-10-26 00:56:25 UTC  

"The Fall of Western Man" by Mark Collett or "Someone has to Say it" by Tom Kawczynski may be better

2018-10-26 00:56:32 UTC  

@JohnAtlas hello Indiana! He’s not much of a reader. It was cool to see the white normie consciousnesses come in to being.

2018-10-26 00:56:33 UTC  

@JohnAtlas With his name on it.

2018-10-26 00:57:01 UTC  

He just KNOWS it

2018-10-26 00:57:53 UTC  

@Deleted User Ah, well there's almost more youtube content than books.
The old Allsup to AmRen to Red Ice to FtN pipeline is nice.

2018-10-26 00:57:58 UTC  

@Deleted User hello! That’s very cool, indeed. I bought “generation identity”, that 100 page book for a similar friend of mine. He’s starting to wake up

2018-10-26 00:59:09 UTC  

Is FtN a YouTube channel?

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@JohnAtlas It's a podcast on TRS. Jazzhands and Halberstram's sunday podcast. They do have a youtube channel

2018-10-26 00:59:53 UTC  

Ahh, gotcha.

2018-10-26 01:06:36 UTC  

@Deleted User what’s up bro, how are you doing?

2018-10-26 01:07:10 UTC  

Yeah, hi Alexander!

2018-10-26 01:07:25 UTC  

Good. You?

2018-10-26 01:07:30 UTC  

Hey Steph

2018-10-26 01:07:57 UTC  

Good to hear. I’m good, enjoying a cozy fall night

2018-10-26 01:08:07 UTC  

It snowed yesterday in Maine.

2018-10-26 01:08:09 UTC  

It is not Fall here.

2018-10-26 01:08:22 UTC  

I'm about to eat a perfectly cooked steak with mushrooms and onions

2018-10-26 01:08:41 UTC  

👌🏼 fantastic

2018-10-26 01:08:59 UTC  

@Deleted User Braised and Red(meat)pilled

2018-10-26 01:09:06 UTC  

I do miss a good northern fall

2018-10-26 01:09:29 UTC  

Doesn’t get as cozy down here in Florida

2018-10-26 01:09:33 UTC  

: (

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2018-10-26 01:09:39 UTC  

But it's certainly very warm down there.

2018-10-26 01:09:43 UTC  

I miss Maine (not my picture, but I have climbed Katahdin twice (once in the fall)

2018-10-26 01:09:46 UTC  

You can go for a run any time of the year.

2018-10-26 01:09:56 UTC  

That's what maine looks like!

2018-10-26 01:09:58 UTC  

I won't lie. Seattle during the fall and winter is so depressing.

2018-10-26 01:10:34 UTC